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Ways to Attract Readers and Visitors

Blog of the day once again

Blog of the day once again (Photo credit: the Italian voice)

As a blogger, I found out that to create a blog site is as the same as when I write a column - from the title, description and the article body including the overall layout and presentation.

Your blog site is the storefront of your articles or columns and other stuff. It is also a cool place where to share all of your published articles from the different websites you are writing with. Your blog site needs to attract readers and visitors in order to keep them coming back. For that reason you would have to pull up your blog site and ask yourself a few questions.

Normally, when I visit other blog sites I usually asked myself the following:

  • Where would my eyes go first?
  • Can I tell what the blog site is about?
  • Is the information found above the fold is really important?
  • Are there benefits to enjoy that are clearly highlighted on the homepage?
  • Is there a clear call to action or a way to communicate with the owner?
  • Are the colors and fonts used are distracting to the eyes?
  • Would I feel personally connected on this site?
  • Are there links found to other social media?

Based from the above questions – I found out that to create a blogsite is not far as when writing a column. When you write a column first you have to focus on your column title. You might ask yourself the following:

  • Is it catchy? Or is it an attention grabbing title?
  • Would it attract visitors and readers to read the whole article?

Man, it is the same with your blog title – you need to use a title that would attract people to visit your blog site.

Your blog site description is as the same when writing a summary of your column. Your summary is the overall layout of your column body. Your blog description tells the most important section and parts found in your site. It suggests visitors and readers what exactly your blog site is all about.

When writing your column body sometimes you included photos, videos and links. They are normal and very effective method. They help attract readers to read your column. They are part of the overall layout and presentation of your piece. And much more if it is written with relevant contents. It is the same with your blog site. You need to include some attractions for your readers and visitors to stay longer.

Some blog sites I visited are equipped with some media tools like: Music videos, Movie videos, MP3s, Photo albums and some with podcasts. Others included Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Social networks and other links going to other websites where the blog site owner is also connected with. Others included chat rooms where the visitors and readers can leave their messages or to chat other visitors.

In a survey – it is found that not all visitors like to read articles published on a site instead, they like listening articles on podcasts, watching music videos and movies, listening MP3 music or scanning the photo album pages to spot unique and awesome photos.

It is not yet too late - once you determine a few areas where you can improve, develop a plan to start implementing changes on your blog site. You don’t have to do them all at once – just do a few at a time until you have a blog site that really attractive to visitors and readers. And if your visitors and readers stay on your site at least 5 minutes long you are lucky and they will keep coming back.

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