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Turn Your Blog Into Audio Through Odiogo

There are visitors who do no like to read articles published on blog sites instead, they like to listen them through MP3 or an Audio. Recently, I found Odiogo that helps bloggers and other writers to turn their blog articles into Audio. And this is free to sign up.

Before signing up, a blogger will see to it that all articles he published on his blog site are written in English language and he should confirm that he is the legal owner of the blog site. After that he can now proceed to register by telling Odiogo a bit about himself and his blog site by filling out the form with his approval that he is allowing the site to convert his blog site contents to MP3 or to Audio and then submit. 
Odiogo Diagram_Courtesy of the Site
Courtesy from Odiogo
 There are only two requirements needed to register with the site – they are:
  • The URL of his blog site
  • His email address
Then next, he has to wait at least one minute and he will receive a reply with instructions that he can now add the Odiogo Widget to his blog site. After he added the Odiogo Widget to his blog site – he can now start to play the audios of some of his articles published on his blog site like what I have done for My Star Articles blog site and this site. Each article has its own Audio.
According to Odiogo history: The idea behind Odiogo came to Patrice its CTO when he was stuck in a New York underground and said to himself, “All this time wasted on the tube… If I only could use that time to read the hundred of news pages waiting for me on my PC…“. Odiogo makes Patrice’s wish come true. Odiogo’s mission is to provide innovative ways to distribute web content for consumption on the go, anytime, anywhere and on any device.
The management team of Odiogo includes:
  • Marc Kawam
  • Patrice Kawam
  • David Zvilichovsky
  • Frederik Durant - Linguistic Advisor
  • Derek Fattal - Content Market Advisor
Marc has over 15 years of entrepreneurship, sales, operations, business development, and marketing experience in high technology companies focusing on Content Providers, Telecoms operators, ISPs, broadband carriers and entertainment and media industries. Marc was a founding member of iPIN, leading the development of its European operations, spearheading successful deployments totaling millions of monthly transactions with Europe’s largest operators, including Orange, Wanadoo, Tiscali, T-Online France and Vodafone UK. Prior to iPIN, Marc directed the establishment of Back Web’s European operations. Marc previously was CEO of PF1 Systems, a software distribution and consulting firm he co-founded with the PILAT group in 1989. PF1 was the first distributor for BRM, the Israeli firm that started Check Point.

Patrice holds an MS in Computer Science from the Computer Science and Advanced Technologies School (EPITA) in Paris. He was handpicked by Dr. Bertrand Meyer (creator of the Eiffel language) to join his selective team and spent two years in Santa Barbara. He then founded Pagoo in 1996 in San Francisco where he developed the first full VoIP residential phone service with Cisco. As VP Engineering, he oversaw the development and implementation of Pagoo technologies. Patrice executed the merger of Pagoo with Ring Central for which he worked as Director until November 2005.

David Zvilichovsky has 20 years of experience in the advanced technology sector with extensive experience in both technology development and financing. Amongst his various responsibilities, David is the Managing Director of Innovent, an investment & consulting boutique with a focus on technology intensive companies and Venture Capital firms. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of The Alon Technology Fund and Ramdor Technologies Ltd. as well as other private companies. David has professional and executive experience in R&D and product development as well as Corporate Management, Venture Capital and M&A transactions. David holds a Ph.D. in Economics, and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Tel-Aviv University. He also holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Cum Laude.

Frederik holds degrees in Romance Philology and Computer Science (spec. computational linguistics) from the University of Leuven, Belgium as well as an MBA from Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. Frederik speaks five languages and has more than 10 years of experience in the speech, language and Internet technology business. He has held diverse technical and management positions at Siemens Nixdorf, Allmansland, Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products, Tellme Networks Europe and the University of Antwerp, working in diverse domains such as machine translation, data-driven websites, statistical language models for speech recognition, and biomedical text mining. For the last two years, he has been active as an independent consultant, mainly focusing on speech-driven phone applications.

With over a decade of Internet experience at two of Israel’s leading online newspapers, Derek began his career as a lawyer in London, before entering into news media at CNN’s busy Jerusalem bureau. He joined The Jerusalem Post where he headed the company’s news syndication service and also worked as a soccer reporter. He founded The Post’s popular web site in 1985 eventually becoming VP of New Media, before moving to Israel’s prestigious Haaretz newspaper to manage online business development at

So for anyone who has the interest to use the application for his blog site at Blogger, take the opportunity. This is free. Now to help the site, it is not really hard to share it to friends, friends of friends.

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