Saturday, August 25, 2012

When Six is Added to Five The Sum is Nine

By looking on the title, you will not agree what is given. Imagine when you add 6 to 5 the sum is 9. How come? Impossible! But what if I told you that I am right to say it – that after adding five to six, the sum is nine. Will you agree with me?


To support that “Six plus Five is Equals Nine” consider the following:
  • Analyze the title 
  • What is given on the title?
  • What is the relationship of each word number given on the title?
  • What the title means to you?
  • Does it make sense?

After analyzing on the given problem, you can now start solving it. Through your powerful imagination – you can solve the problem in your mind alone as fast as lightning. You can apply here your expertise on mathematics. You can also apply here what you have learned from your drawing subject. How did you draw your first line? Your solution will be the result from your analysis.
Lastly, the answer will depend on how you analyze on the given problem. The title itself is already the clue. The photo I used here is also a clue. What you will do is to prove it by yourself that when 6 is added to 5 the sum is 9. And tell me your answer. Your answer can be explained in words with your comment – if interested.
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