Monday, October 1, 2012

Ten Neglected Traditional Beliefs

The common phrase which is abusively said "Without love our life is nothing at all" and I believe it - because love heals the pain and agony of our hearts, homes and nations. It is the lubricant that prevents devastating friction in the home, the safeguard of community life and the beam of hope in a world of distress.
During my fifty years living in this planet, I observe and see the result of dishonesty. I even concluded it as one of the many reasons why there is poverty and hardships to people and country. This condition hovers over many lands and there are millions of children around the world who are malnourished, cannot attend school, dying for food and no shelter to house them. Below are ten neglected articles about virtues.

Love is The Lodestar of Life - It springs the beauty that bends across the sky on a stormy days. The security for which children weep. The yearning of youth. The adhesive that binds marriage.

Live with Honesty - In our children dishonesty is also distinct. In school students cheat to get high grades during examinations. This attitude cannot be stopped but we can help to reduce it and it should start at home so that when they grow up they would become responsible, honest and God-fearing citizen. If a person is honest with his words and actions, many people will love him and care for him. Many people will trust him!

Morality Requires Discipline - The challenge to recognize evil and oppose it is one that every moral, virtuous person must accept. It all begins with our own personal virtue. Reformation of the world begins with reformation of us. We cannot hope to influence others in the direction of moral virtues unless we live of virtue. Respect for self is the beginning of cultivating virtue in men and women.

The Root of The Word Civilization - I was about nine year old and was a grade two pupil at that time. I had a classmate who cannot walk as normal as I was. He was our neighbor. His left leg was smaller and shorter than his right leg. Mostly of the time I made fun of him and laughed at him that made him cry. One day, I made some kind of disparaging remark of him without my notice that my mother was standing behind me and did hear me. She called me to get inside the house and quickly proceeded to sitting me down, hitting me with a broom and followed with a lecture.

I always love to learn - When I arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1994, I was first employed as a janitor/laborer. That will be my work position for two years and nine months. The management has noticed my hard work because I was promoted to be a Facility Records Clerk. After sometime I was again promoted to be an Analyst/Bookkeeper and this would be my job for nine years and three months.

To forgive is a sign of spiritual maturity  I see that forgiveness, mercy and compassion are the essence of goodness. We need these qualities in homes where tiny hills of misunderstanding grow into mountains of argument between husband and wife, parents and children, friends between friends, neighbors between neighbors that sometimes hang on to grievance for years and even for a lifetime.

The Importance of Saving - When my father was still alive, he often told us about the importance of saving. He always reminded us the old saying “The hard works of a person is nothing when he does not know how to save”. When I got married twenty-four years ago, what I learned from my father, I also taught it to my children that includes also about financial planning and budgeting.

Things that we must be grateful - There are many things that we must be grateful – firstly to the Almighty, for the wonders of the human body and the miracle of the human mind and for the universe He created for us. To those people who lived before us who have built the community and nations. To our parents and other family members who have contributed so dramatically to our lives, to friends who have given us the benefit of the doubt again and again.

We need to cultivate positive atttitude - Feeling sad, angry or depressing is not wrong. But dwelling on these thoughts for too long is not healthy either. I know that each of us is impossible to keep ourselves from the negative things around us but we can still carry a positive attitude by focusing on the good things in life.

Faith is an asset - Faith is an asset beyond compare. It is so much more than an apostolic saying. It is a fact of life. It can become the very cradle of purposeful living. With faith we can rise above those negative elements in our lives that constantly pull us down. And with our effort we can develop the capacity to control those desires that lead to degrading and evil actions. With faith we can reach out to those who are discouraged and defeated and we can warm them by the strength and power of our own faith.

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