Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pruelpo and Bubblews on Holy Week

As of this writing I am already on my first 36 days on The site has already compensated my efforts and hard works I exerted on their site. I already earned 59.82$. Out of that amount, Bubblews has paid me a total of 50.54$ on two e-checks. From Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday I have some experiences to tell to the whole world. To begin with, I would start to narrate it – what happened on Holy Thursday?

On Holy Thursday, Bubblews has already cleared the second e-check. Below are details for the second redemption I claimed on March 21, 2013.
  • Total posts I posted during the period March 9, 2013 to March 21, 2013 were 45.
  • The forty-five articles I published on Bubblews garnered a total of 168 likes from Bubblews friends.
  • These article pages received at least Two Thousand Three Hundred Nine unique views from my friends and visitors.
  • They received at least 30 comments from my Bubblews friends.
  • And garnered earnings amounting to 25.15 US Dollars.
Looking at the above info, I notice then that I made some improvements regarding my online activities on Bubblews compared to the activities I made for my first redemption goal as there were great efforts I exerted to hit my first payment that started on February 23, 2013 to March 8, 2013. Below are details for my first redemption claim.
  • During that period, I posted 68 posts
  • They received 208 likes
  • They garnered 2,129 unique views
  • They received 49 comments
  • And recorded earnings amounting to 25.39$

As of this writing I already hit almost 9.28$ for my third redemption equivalents to 8 posts so far. These eight articles already received 39 likes, one dislike, 868 unique views and 13 comments.
On Good Friday 2013, I confessed to the whole world – that Bubblews has become now one of my favorite second home publishing sites existing online. And I highlighted it that No-one can find another site on the net that accepts articles written for 400 characters. No-one can find another publication that pays its writers from posting items, views, likes and comments alone. No-one can find another writing site that pays it writers when they hit the 25$ threshold – even though there are times the payments are delayed. No-one can find another site where its members are helping one another to hit success on their site. I am writing for so many sites that pay its writers - however, I found Bubblews is really different. 
When I first joined Bubblews on January 24, 2013 – I was so skeptical about the site. Yes. For a month, I was doubtful to use the site. But on February 23, 2013, I began my journey with the site. I started writing short reviews about Bubblews and published them on other publishing sites I am connected with. As of this writing, already I published 121 articles. These articles have already garnered views of 5,349 – 415 likes, One dislike, 92 comments and earnings amounting to 59.82$.
For those who are not yet writing for Bubblews - do not think twice. You can register directly with the site or through referral link. If you thought that I am friendly enough to refer you to Bubblews, you can use my Referral Link. And I am so confident that once you’re with Bubblews you will enjoy the great opportunities to helping you increase your online income. Just be honest with your  Bubblews activities - and often read the site rules and policies found on your Bubblews Bank Section.
On Bubblews, you can upload anything that you owned and controlled but not a video as the site has no feature yet for uploading videos. Photos and your interesting and inspiring ideas, the site is open for them. Yes. Bubblews is also accepting photos available from other sources however, you have to give credits to the publications and the authors. You can also bring to Bubblews some of your awesome items published on other sites but avoid copying other works. There are seven ways to re-write article you already published on other publication – become familiar with synonyms – they are helpful to re-work your published works.
Yes. I understand that not everyone likes what I am uploading on Bubblews. And for that I am ready to accept that truth. However, this morning is different – I got one disliked to one of my published articles on Bubblews. And this has confused me so much when I found that the person who decidedly disliked my work was “I”. And this is history for me because it happened on Black Saturday. This is impossible. How could I disliked my own work? But the evidence was written on the top of the article that says “You successfully disliked this news.” Reading the message has stopped me for a while, I asked myself: How did it happen? Why it happened? I log-on to Bubblews as fully awakened to check the plight to one of my recent articles I published on Good Friday but the said alert amused me!
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