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How to Spell Your Name Correctly

Phonetic Alphabets according to English Dictionaries and other Encyclopedias are often called Spelling Alphabets. It is used to spell out words when speaking to someone not able to see the speaker, meaning there are no visual cues which assist the listener. Giving one’s name over the telephone is a common scenario where a spelling alphabet is often used.

Paulino is my first name chosen by my father. Odien is my mother’s maiden name. Pruel is my father’s surname. My surname Pruel is included in the Biblical name – with a corresponding meaning as the Name of the Angel guarding the South wind. My complete name Paulino Odien Pruel is only 17 letters. But after I spelled them out, they totalled 89 letters.
My first name P A U L I N O = seven letters, My middle name O D I E N = five letters and My surname P R U E L = five letters. This totalled 17 letters.
To spell my first name PAULINO – I will take each letter one by one as shown below:
  • P is spelled as PAPA = 4 letters
  • A is spelled as ALPHA = 5 letters
  • U is spelled as Uniform = 7 letters
  • L is spelled as LIMA = 4 letters
  • I is spelled as INDIA = 5 letters
  • N is spelled as November = 8 letters
  • O is spelled as Oscar = 5 letters
After I spelled PAULINO and counted the letters they totalled 38 letters. Now I will proceed to spell my middle name which is ODIEN.
  • O is spelled as Oscar = 5 letters
  • D is spelled as Delta = 5 letters
  • I is spelled as India = 5 letters
  • E is spelled as Echo = 4 letters
  • N is spelled as November = 8 letters
My middle name has totalled 27 letters. Now to complete I will proceed to my surname which is PRUEL.
  • P is spelled as Papa = 4 letters
  • R is spelled as Romeo = 5 letters
  • U is spelled as Uniform = 7 letters
  • E is spelled as Echo = 4 letters
  • L is spelled as Lima = 4 letters
My surname has totalled 24 letters. So my complete name Paulino Odien Pruel - after I spelled them one by one from the original total of 17 letters they became 89 letters (first name 38 + middle name 27 + surname 24 letters).
To clear the headache I used the phonetic alphabets. Each letter found in the EnglishAlphabets has a corresponding word in Spelling Alphabets such as:
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