Saturday, November 8, 2014

Let LinkedIn Becomes Part of Your Business Venture Online

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network with over 300 million users managing their professional identities, building and engaging with their professional networks. It is a place where users can discover professional opportunities, business deals, new ventures and a place where to get the latest news, inspiration, and insights from professional people.

Every day there are hundreds of posted new jobs from employers from the four corners of the globe. They are looking for professionals and qualified people for the job hiring. They are using LinkedIn to advertise their companies job vacancies for both online and offline job opportunities - from SEO experts down to content writers, online writers, ghost writers, journalists, skilled workers, products promoters and other imaginable available jobs vacancies.

LinkedIn is also used by hundreds of online job seekers. There are thousands of LinkedIn members who are willingly updating their LinkedIn professional profiles with photos, school attended, work experiences and other interesting things of achievements as to add flavors for their best published professional profiles on the site hoping to get hired by the interested employers.

There are hundreds of online groups available on LinkedIn created officially by its users - from technology group down to content writers group, online writers group, blog and blogging groups, gardening groups, freelancers groups, journalists groups, poetry group, natures group and many more. These LinkedIn groups are accepting members who are willing to share their best and interesting ideas with the other members.

There are hundreds of merchants and advertisers who are happily promoting their products and services on LinkedIn. These merchants and advertisers are also looking for people or affiliates who are willing to help them promote their products online. They target people who are experienced on online blogging and maintained their own blog sites or websites.

LinkedIn has a pulse section that caters a user's original articles either reviews about anything, news and other blogging items. So, bloggers and other types of online writers can use the pulse to showcase for their high quality columns or blog pieces. This is the place where online writers can promote and share their products and other services that they offer to their online audience in the form of writing pieces, photos, videos, etc.

It is already eight years have passed from the time I had joined LinkedIn that started in 2006. At first I was reluctant to use the site to share to other users what I had published online because I thought that LinkedIn is created only for people of highly professionals. However, that idea I have has changed when I received the invitation to write for LinkedIn. Of course, it surprised me and without any doubts I accepted it.

So far there are about nine articles I published on LinkedIn. Some of them were already published on some of the sharing revenue sites I am also writing. I just re-wrote them with new titles, introductions including the article body. All these published articles on LinkedIn bear my authorship with the backlinks leading to the websites that first published them.

Yes. LinkedIn does not pay for the articles published on their site but it is one of the best places I know where to spread out our writing hobby. Aside from the social networks and other bookmarking sites to market and to share our awesome articles - LinkedIn is also open for this purpose too. And to think that LinkedIn has more than 300 million users - who can tell us that 10 to 20 percent of these users would be attracted to read our write-ups?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ingredients Needed to Write Attractive and Easy to Read Article

Your style is the manner in which you express your ideas. That is the words you use and the order in which you use them.

Your aim should always be for clarity. Your style should be an attractive and as easy to read as you can make it. When I say attractive, I mean that at least it should be attractive to you and sound good when you read it yourself. If you don’t like your style, then it is most unlikely that anybody else will either. But, remember this all your writing life, whatever style you develop it should be unique to you. Of course, you can learn a lot by studying the style of other writers. Even so, do not attempt to write exactly like them. It would only be, at the best, as second-rate imitation.

Your style must develop naturally from within yourself. Neither I nor anybody else can impose a style upon you and say it will suffice you for the rest of your writing life. It is unlikely that you will have a perfect, natural style from the start. It has to be worked at and honed until you produce attractive prose. It takes time to develop a style, too. Practice leads to a facility to write and, of course, the more you practice and write, the more confident and better you will become. 
In eighteenth century Jonathan Swift, the famous novelist, commented on writing style as follows: Proper words in proper places make the true definition of a style. 
Here the 5 C’s – correctness, conciseness, clarity, coherence and completeness should be considered and be applied in writing of non-fiction.
  • Correctness – your facts must be accurate and your use of the English language must also be correct.
  • Conciseness – this does not necessarily mean brevity. You can write a long article and still be concise. What it does mean is avoiding irrelevant facts, unnecessary words and long-winded explanations.
  • Clearness – avoid ambiguity. Make what you write clear to your reader by giving him all the necessary information and expressing it in a way he will be sure to understand.
The readers should not have to read a sentence or paragraph more than once in order to understand its meaning. If your meaning is obscure readers will not spend time puzzling over it. They will turn to something else which can be understood easily, that is if the work is even published in the first place.
Clarity in writing must be preceded by clarity of thought. If you are not sure what you hope to say you cannot expect to express your meaning in the correct words. The better you are at thinking, the more skilled you should be at writing. You should have a clear of what you want to say at the start, middle and end of an article or story when you sit down to begin it.
  • Coherence – this means presenting your ideas in an orderly, logical way so that your reader is able to follow your reasoning process.
  • Completeness – ensure that your reader has all the facts that are available without being burdened with what is unnecessary or trivial. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ban Ki-Moon The Secretary General of The United Nations is Used and Abused by Online Criminals

On August 2, 2014, I received letter from Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon says: Please view the attached letter and contact Dr. PATRICE TEME immediately for your cheque/bank draft amounting to $500,000,000. You are required to contact the above person and furnish him with the following of your information that will be required to avoid any mistakes: Your Full name, Your Country, Contact Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Marital Status, Occupation, Sex and Age. Congratulations. I  look forward to hear from you as soon as you confirm your payment making the world a better place.

The whole world knows that Ban Ki-Moon is the eight and current Secretary-General of the United Nations, after succeeding Kofi Annan in 2007. Before becoming Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon was a career diplomat in South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the United Nations. Now his name and authority is being used and abused by these hoaxers scamming people around the world. The real Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon should protect his name and reputation against hoaxers.

He said, "You may not understand why this mail came to you. We have been having a meeting for the past 7 months which just ended few days ago with the secretary to the UNITED NATIONS. This email is to all the people that have been scammed in any part of the world, the UNITED NATIONS in Affiliation with WORLD BANK have agreed to compensate them with the sum of USD $500,000,000."

I believe that FBI is capable to combat online scams and can send Ban Ki-Moon, Dr. Patrice Teme and other people who are involved on this craft to jail if caught and found guilty. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a governmental agency belonging to the United States Department of Justice that serves as both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency. The FBI's main goal is to protect and defend the United States, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal and international agencies and partners.

The FBI's top investigative priorities are: Protect the United States from terrorist attacks; Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage; Protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes; Combat public corruption at all levels; Protect civil rights; Combat transnational/national criminal organizations and enterprises; Combat major white-collar crime and Combat significant violent crime.

My two-cents advice: Because on-line hoaxers and other scammers are abusively using the Internet to victimize people. To avoid them, online users should not bite their sweet promises. They should not entertain unsolicited emails coming in to their mail boxes.

Below are contact locations, telephone numbers and other information for Ban Ki-Moon and Dr. Patrice Teme as per the attached letter I received on August 2, 2014:

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
UN Visitor Centre
Department of Public Information
United Nations Headquarters
Room DHL-1B-154
New York, NY 10017

FAX: +234-1-8968850

Sources of facts and other info: My Yahoo Mail and Wikipedia

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beware of Scam Websites: is Found One of Them

At the time Arvind - the CEO and Founder of started attracting people online to venture with his founded online business, he assured them that his team is capable to pay the earnings earned by every bubblews contributors as long as the earned amount has reached the threshold redeemable amounting to 25$. His promise is supported with a published documents, I quote, "I launched this website on February 2nd, 2012. The community that exists and continues to grow believes in the movement. The community also believes that WE ALL SHOULD BE PAID FOR OUR THOUGHTS, INTERESTS and FEELINGS. We are the passion that the world so desperately needs. We all speak freely."

On June 23, 2014, the official registered contributors of have reached so far to 240,255. However, these numbers do not actually reflect for the total active members or contributors of bubblews who are actively uploading their items to the site - as there are thousands of members who have left the site voluntarily and there were also thousands of contributors who were kicked off from using the site when those thousands contributors have started complaining against the site for not paying them for their hard works and efforts.

The above photo is the 240,255 contributors of as of June 23, 2014

When Arvind launched the site on February 2, 2012 - the site has attracted thousands of new contributors that came from the four corners of the globe - who found it as an alternative site to get the easy online money in exchange from publishing articles of 400 characters. However, after six months of existing, was bombarded of thousands complains from its members for not paying the money due to them.

The above photo is Arvind account - the CEO and Founder of 

However, thousands of bubblews contributors have caught Arvind - lying to his thousands contributors. They believed that Arvind was just using his sweet assurances and promises to make them become more active members for his site by uploading more items to the site and by inviting more people to And they found Arvind and his team is maintaining a SCAM WEBSITE. Because at the time these contributors asked for payments with their complains, Arvind and his team have just ignored them and the site's solution to stop these complainants - all of them have received letters - telling them that their bubblews accounts are subjects for deletion with the attached TOU (Terms of Use) see the below photo.

During the early months of, the site and its contributors are happily working hand-in-hand. Its members received their first and second e-check payments through PayPal. However, when had become popular and had attracted thousands of new users, the site became incapable to pay all its contributors, so Arvind and his team have applied a method - the so called "Selective Payments" strategy. And until now the site is using this strategy. And those contributors who have requested their third, fourth payments and so on amounting to 25$ are still on waiting status. And could no longer pay them because Arvind and his team have changed the redeemable amounts from 25$ to 50$ effective on December 14, 2013.

See the above photo of how Arvind - the CEO and Founder of a SCAM WEBSITE which is has used his flowering words to re-assure its doubtful contributors and etc.

When the said changes was implemented on the site, thousands of its contributors bombarded Arvind and his team with questions about those requested payments that has not been paid yet but Arvind instead of answering them has just ignored them. Below is another photo - a reaction from one of contributors.

I admit I am also a victim of On April 18, 2013, I uploaded an article on It was a call for the site regarding my third payment request that the site has ignored. I used the title as Bubblews Admin is Hiding Because The Site Cannot Pay Its Users. But my call did not work! See the photo below for details.

But I did not stop calling for Arvind and his team regarding payment request and it was followed my fourth payment request - see the below photo for details. I used the title My Seven Posts Earned 25.50 US Dollars - I published it on April 27, 2013.

And on June 18, 2014, I visited the site's Facebook page. I left a message addressed directly to Arvind - asking him for the payments I requested for my third, fourth and the fifth which was in the form of a Visa card gift worth of 103$. See the photo below for details.

And the result after I posted my short message to Arvind on his bubblews' Facebook page - on June 21, 2014 my Gmail box received a letter from bubblews' staff with a CC to Arvind and that's the only time I learned that Arvind's real name is Arvind Jay Dixit with his business email add ( - the CEO and Founder of - the subject (VIOLATION OF TOU - pruelpo) and telling me that my bubblews account is subject for deletion.

As part of being professional in dealing with people, every time my mail box receives communications from people not related to me I always entertain them - how much more if the said communication came from people I am working with. So, I replied it on June 22, 2014 with honestly and frankly, I quote:

Mr. Arvind
CEO & Founder of


Your communication serves as your acceptance and a proof that has no capability to pay its writers. And this is also a proof that your site is a scam site by using the hard works and efforts of your contributors to give life to your existing scam site bubblews.comThis is also a proof that you are not professional in dealing issues raised by your contributors as the CEO and founder of 

And this is also a proof that you don't even know how to communicate to your contributors - when a contributor asked you payments - your action is to delete his account immediately without any valid reasons. I asked those payments last year 2013 - but you failed to pay me (my third and fourth request) including my last 5th request which was in a Visa gift card worth 103$. Now you replied it telling me that my account is subject for deletion!

What the heck are you Mr. Arvind - CEO and founder of Honestly speaking you know that it is your duty to pay me the amount of 203$. If you have the balls - don't just run. You owed me 203$ and you should pay what is due to me, ASAP!


Paul Pruel

To date there's no additional communication my Gmail box received from Arvind Jay Dixit and from his bubblews staff.

More about Arvind Jay Dixit - he is the CEO and Founder of Bubblews that many people he victimized including me believed that the site is a SCAM WEBSITE. He is presently living in Fair Fax, Virginia, USA as per his bubblews account. He's 25 years old when he put up his website. He said he is a first-generation, natural born citizen of the United States of America, and the son to a Polish mother and an Indian father who both emigrated from their respective countries. On his website - he uses different user's name, namely:
  • Arvind
  • harvinderjoshi 
  • marvindy1015
  • Arvinder061
  • and PSArvind
Below is also a photo with some details about as reviewed by It is said that the owner country is United States but the website location is Costa Rica. The review made by scamadviser was bombarded with comments. Visit the site for more details.

Bubblews Official Pages:
This article was written based from my opinion, reactions and my experiences with I admit that I really hate people who is cheating and scamming people no matter who is the person and his affiliation. And I am ready and willing to answer for any questions from people read this piece including Arvind himself - the CEO and Founder of

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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Benefits of Guest Blog Postings

The author and the blog site owner will benefit from guest blog posting as - it unites bloggers who are also interested in connecting to other bloggers, online journalists and other web content creators in any niche through publishing their high-quality articles on their blog sites if approved.

A guest post is an article written by a certain author professionally and is intended to be published at a blogger's site. Here the guest poster will contact the blog owner to discuss his or her intentions. A guest poster is a professional writer not connected to the blog owner. He writes high-quality articles of any topic for a certain blog site.
Why Guest Blogging Must Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy
Photo Credits Guest Infographic by Brandon Rhodes demonstrating the benefits to enjoy by the author from his guest blog posting.

And from guest blog posting, the writer who offers his knowledge and know-how will enjoy the expansion of his reach to the blogger's audience and the blog owner will also enjoy some great high-quality articles completely for free with free links going to the site of the guest poster.

Below is an offer I received on June 12, 2014 from a certain guest poster. I withheld her name, I quote:


My name is Ms. X and I had gone through your blog and found it very informative. I would like to share my experience and knowledge with your audience by publishing Guest Post on your blog. You can suggest me any topic on which you want me to write article on for publishing it as a Guest Post on your website. 

I can also suggest you great topics for your blog. 

Looking forward to your reply. 

Best Regards

Ms. X
On the same day, I replied her letter with simple instructions, I quote:

Hi Ms. X,

I accept your offer. If you can write articles about people/celebrities between 400 and 500 words length with photos I would appreciate them. First write three articles for the said subjects and then send them off to as attachments. In case your articles were already published on your blog site, website or on other publications - change the "Title" and rewrite the "Introduction".

Your articles should bear the following: your author's name, your blog site or website name with a valid URL link, if published on other publication include the link and your articles should have at least 3 to 5 tags (write them on the bottom of each article).

Your submitted articles will be published at Wikinut Awesome Publishing Site For Articles

And be sure that you are the original author for those articles. Do not forget to include the link going to your own site (it will help increase your site views and traffic). Once the articles are published - they will travel automatically across the Internet through the social networks (Facebook and Twitter), G+, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, Pinterest and other bookmarking sites I am connected with.

This time I do not accept explicit materials or matured contents. I will also appreciate if you will link my blog to your site.

That's all for now. Thank you for the interest. I will wait those submissions from you.

Best regards,

Paul Pruel

(PS: If everything works well - I will display some of your best articles to my own domain website at Wikinut Awesome Blog.)
The next day June 13, 2014, her reply of two words arrived, I quote: "OK. Thanks."

From June 14 until now - there was no additional communications from her that my yahoo mail box has recorded. And yet, still, until now I am still waiting for her submissions.
Nowadays, guest blog posting is trending its popularity and is considered as an effective marketing and advertising approach applied by professional online writers and bloggers. While it is helping to promote a writer's career and profession, it is also helping to promote a blog site to boost its traffic and views as well as helping the site to increase its page rank on search engines. And there are more advantages to mention from this method.

However, there are also disadvantages from guest blog posting - one is, it pushes the blog owner to become lazy. He would stop from thinking what to update for his own blog site as he is depending from those guest blog postings from authors who happened to use his blog to promote their stuff and expertise. The blog owner would no longer be inspired to do his research on good topics thinking that there are people outside who are willing to feed high-quality articles for his blog site. And the worst of all worst is when the blog owner becomes idle - his tendency to learn for new discoveries to enhancing his blogging expertise will decrease. And eventually he would no longer be interested to write his own high-quality articles for his own blog site.

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