Friday, June 8, 2012

The Keener Your Observation of The World, The More This Will Help Your Imagination

Through simple exercises will help you to develop your powers of observation and stimulate your imagination. Imagine you are a writer: blogger, journalist or other writers with a column to fill each day or weekday. Walk down the main street of your home town or other places and observe the passing scene. Next go into a cafe, public house, public park or somewhere similar and discreetly observe someone or several people.
First, look keenly at everything you see and make notes. These can be mental or written – depending on what suits you best. However, a word of warning, if you are making written notes about people, do it very discreetly. If you are observed, somebody may get the wrong impression of your intentions. You can imagine how, in certain circumstances, this could be quite embarrassing for you!
When you get home, write a paragraph at least from 100 to 150 words about something you saw while walking down the street. Make your description as interesting as you can. This is about some building of outstanding architectural merit or historical association, a new shop that is just opened – anything, in fact, that catches your eye.
Write a factual description of someone you saw. What was the color of their hair and eyes? Were they fat, thin or of average build? How were they dressed? Would you say they were working class, middle class or upper class? And what was it about them that led to this opinion? If you saw them again, say in a police identity parade, would you recognize them?
The purpose of this exercise is to develop your powers of observation. There is something different about even the most ordinary seeming person. It is the writer’s task to spot it and to convert it into text that will be interesting to a reader.
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