Sunday, July 8, 2012

Does Science Agree What The Bible Says: One Day Missing in The Universe

A day is equivalents to 360 degrees. Twenty-four hours are equal to 1,440 minutes. From these equivalents, I ably determined that there was really a missing day in the Universe which was believed by many that it was only a fictitious story and that the Holy Bible is keeping false records of what happened during the biblical period and what were told in the Book of Joshua and 2Kings.

I often heard from people that what was written in the Holy Bible was a myth especially about the missing day in the Universe. Last Friday my attention was focused on the Book of Joshua and 2Kings. From those readings I found them interesting and I even had converted degrees into minutes, hours and day - to prove that what were written in the Holy Biblecould be possibly true.
If you read the Holy Bible – you might also have scanned those sections that tell (I quoted it) as “The sun stood still and the moon stayed — and hasted not to go down about a whole day”. It can be read at (Old Testament, Book of Joshua, Chapter 10, verses 12-13) and that about whole day is equivalents to 350 degrees.
While in 2Kings, Hezekiah asked for a sign as proof. Isaiah said (I again quoted it) as “Do you want the sun to go ahead 10 degrees?” Hezekiah replied, “It is nothing for the sun to go ahead 10 degrees, but let the shadow return backward 10 degrees.” Isaiah spoke to the Lord and the Lord brought the shadow ten degrees backward!
Conversion of degrees to minutes, hours and day
At Joshua the sun hasted not to go down about a whole day which was equals to 350 degrees or equivalents to 23 hours and 20 minutes. At 2Kings, the shadow of the sun returned backward 10 degrees or equivalents to 40 minutes. So if we will add the 350 degrees + 10 degrees, the sum is 360 degrees.
Based from the given - One degree = 4 minutes. If we will multiply 360 degrees by 4 minutes, they are equal to 1,440 minutes. And if we will divide the 1,440 minutes by 60 minutes, they are equal to 24 hours. Twenty-four hours is a whole day.
At Joshua there were 350 degrees and if multiplied by 4 minutes they are equal to 1,400 minutes. At 2Kings there were 10 degrees and if multiplied by 4 minutes they are equal to 40 minutes. Now 1,400 minutes plus 40 minutes are equal to 1,440 minutes which are equivalent to a whole day. Are you still doubtful about the Bible records?
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