Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Filipino Language is Our Laugh and Breath

During those years that our country was controlled to enjoy freedom and democracy, the Filipino people called for unity. In Filipino language we cried to get back freedom and democracy. The Edsa revolution headed by the former President Cory Aquino has toppled Marcos into exile. Every Filipino again enjoyed the freedom and democracy in Philippines.
Our Filipino language is our laugh, our native breath, our native tongue spoken in the past, in the present and all the days to come. He may be a mute, a blind and a deaf but his emotions, feelings and understandings are reflecting a Filipino culture. Wherever he may be, what ever he looks like still he is Filipino and his language is Filipino. He may be an Ilokano, Waray, Cebuano, Pampangginya, Bulakinya, Batangginya, Igorot, Muslims in Mindanaw, Bikolano, Boholano and all Pinoys living in at all the islands of Philippines including the million Filipinos working abroad.
When those intruders arrived in our country Philippines with their aims to manipulate our lands and steal the Filipinos’ integrity, dignity and freedom, in Filipino language - our beloved ancestors shouted for unity and fought hard against those unlawful disturbing outlanders. Our ancestors fought back vigorously depending their rights and freedom. Many of them died, their blood scattered everywhere. It was a great history for the Filipinos to remember that in exchanged of blood and life of our ancestors we had become an independentcountry.
During the administration of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, it was heeded by visible protests, rallies and demonstrations from ten of thousands poor Filipinos, calling Arroyo’s administration to create conditions that will not force future generations of Filipinos to leave their homes and people to earn their livelihood. These poor Filipinos were expecting from these leaders to stop bickering and unite to help cure the country of its debilitating ills. Also they were asking Arroyo’s administration to give the people good governance and work hard to achieve peace in the country so that investors will invest in business there and create more jobs for Filipinos. But until she finished her terms still jobs are hard to come by. 
In Mindanaw many of our Muslim brothers and sisters were victims of arm conflict. In Filipino language, these people were shouting for help to stop the disputes. This conflict between our own brothers and sisters Filipinos was bad enough. Many of our innocent brothers and sisters have died and this conflict damaged both public and private properties too.
It is not disgraceful for a Pinoy to shout to the world that he is a Filipino, strong person and could stand against with all the hardships in life. Our Filipino language is pinoys pride. Dr. Jose Rizal said, “Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa kaniyang sariling wika ay daig pa ang malansa at mabahong isda.” Long lives the native languages, the half-finished Filipino of Tag-alog based RP language, the components of “Wikang Pilipino”.
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