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Blogging About Anything is My Hobby: I Also Write For HubPages

So far, I am already on twenty-two months as a hubber at HubPages and I had already published eleven hubs on their site. Below are the summaries of the 11 hubs. These eleven hubs are written in different categories like: Employment and The Law, Writing Short Story, Writing narrative Poetry, Online Education and Self-Improvement, Writing Travel Articles, Personal Experiences, Reviews and Opinions. If ever you found them as interesting to read and yet still you have extra time to read the whole hub -just visit the URL links under each summary and you will be redirected to the site that published them. Of course, they are open for your likes, sharing, comments and ratings. Once again thank you always for your time my dearest visitors and friends.
Using one viewpoint gives your story a sharp sense of direction and it helps readers empathize more closely with the main character. An important choice is whether you will tell the story in first person or in third person. It all depends on your viewpoint. All these interpretations are possible and equally valid. See how each character can manipulate our emotions in their favor when we see events through their eyes. For this reason, it is inevitable that the reader will always be on the side of the main character, so think carefully about who the protagonist of your story is going to be. Read more: Whose Thoughts Am I Hearing? 

Mark's decision surprised me and I knew that it was his parting words. However, I realized that Mark will leave for the good so I just nodded and gave my praise to them. Mark grew up with many good choices on his life - a new home and a family of his own to live with. Mark went away to live with his own family and a new home of their own. Who was I to stop him? What I knew - I loved him so much. I was just his foster father and his mother. I have cared for him that started when I adopted him as my own son twenty-five years ago, and give him the life to enjoy - full of life, compassion and love! Read more: Ardent Affection

I can say that home study program is best for people who have no time to go school and who are busy working. I had enjoyed the training during the course. I found it that it's a first-class comprehensive course written by successful professional writers. I had enjoyed the caring, constructive help from my expert tutors who're all published writers. I am a product of a home study program. I started my creative writing course with The Writers Bureau in Manchester, London in 1999 by mail. Now I can say that home study program is best for people who have no time to go school and who are busy working like me - who at that time was working with the company Kawasaki Helicopter (S.A.) Ltd., Saudi Arabia as an account analyst. Read more: The Best About Home Study Program

My Earnings as of September 23, 2012 at HubPages
For the past seventeen years, I am working in Saudi Arabia, I cannot just deny it that everyday, there are hundreds of travelers coming to the Kingdom to visit Mecca and Medina. And during Ramadan and Hajj, Mecca and Medina have become the most busiest cities in the Kingdom to welcoming Million Muslim devotees from around the world. During Ramadan and Hajj, Mecca and Medina have become the most busiest cities in the Kingdom. Millions of our Muslim brothers and sisters from around the world crowd these Holy Places. According to its geographical history, Medina lies in the middle of an upland alluvial basin at an altitude of approximately of 2,100 feet, bounded to the south by the northernmost reaches of the Harrat Rabat's basaltic lavas and to the north by igneous intrusive mountainous outcrops. Read more: Mecca and Medina: Two Most Visited Places in Saudi Arabia

Letters usually tell, inform, suggest and even discuss some issues about things that are important to the person or the recipient of the letter. Letters can be written as formal or informal. Letters help correct and explain what has been made wrong as well. Below is an actual sample of the letter dated July 31, 2012 that I sent off to the head office of SSS (Social Security System) Philippines. This is a reply I wrote in behalf of my daughter. The purpose of this letter is to inform SSS office regarding the error made on the contact address which was written on the UMID Card that my daughter received on July 31, 2012. Read more: A Letter Informs, Corrects What Has Been Made Wrong

If mixed together into a healthy drink – they help increase the stamina and the sexual drive of a man according to people who benefited from using those products. This is about a combination of consumable products. If mixed together into a healthy drink – they help increase the stamina and the sexual drive of a man according to people who benefited from using those products. They are the Reishi Mushroom (in powder), Lingzhi Coffee, Honey and Egg yolk. Read more: Consumable Products For Healthy Body and Mind

In Saudi Arabia if an expat or a worker is caught by police officers or Muttawa without Iqama or Residence Permit he will face different charges against him such as: illegal entry, evader, alien, spy and a terrorist. He will be sent off to jail for further investigation and if his company will ignore and will not work for his release, he will be sent off back to his home of record. Iqama is an Identification card that caters all the information about the person. To apply for this Residence Permit one should submit all the requirements needed to process his Iqama. Read more: The Importance of Iqama

The sound of rock music and some bottles of syrup and tablet drugs have been exciting and memorable for us three energetic youngster - ages from16 and 18. We grew up from different family backgrounds but with the same beliefs and destiny. However, I never thought that  a catastrophic event was about to change my life. A party with beer and the sweet-mint taste of Marijuana with the sound of rock music and some bottles of syrup and tablet drugs have been exciting and memorable for us three energetic youngster. Read more: A Wrong Way to Heaven

Status of my Eleven Hubs at HubPages
The typhoon auring was blowing its indisputable strength all over the place. Heavy rains came with the strong wind. The sea was in turmoil and the night was dark. Dan looked weary. He was afraid that maybe it was the end of his life and that he could not enjoy his summer vacation and his birthday with his family and friends. The passengers of the ship were shouting for help. Those were the last shouts that Dan heard as the ship sunk. March 1976, the schools were closed for the summer. For Dan that summer was for friends and family. In Manila Dan took a love boat for Cebu. He said that to travel by ship was exciting and memorable one. He could enjoy seeing fish, whales and sharks swimming happily on the waters. read more: I Love You Dad, Happy Birthday

Those years of seeing my son
Who was waiting for me
At the gate of the house
The tiredness I felt vanished
When he kissed me softly...

  • I was standing in front of the door
  • Tears falling down in speed
  • Down to my face like water
  • Flowing to a river of sorrow
  • Felt a pointed needle
  • Injected into my heart
  • And cut it to pieces
  • My breath stopped
  • And I couldn't move... Read more:  Emotions of Love
Sweet memories I had kept for a long time when the former president Joseph Estrada of Philippines was ousted in 2001 and had to go with his queen, mistresses and children, left the palace and his throne together with his die-hard cronies who were also overthrown. 
  • Mr. Erap was standing and laughing
  • When he heard the people cry, coming to his way
  • Shouting, urging him to step down
  • Out of the palace doorway
He made sport of their calls:

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