Friday, November 2, 2012

Turn Your Talents Into Cash

My first day at picky domains that started on October 30, 2012 was memorable and exciting one. My account mail box received at least 41 orders from clients. I first picked the first four and had submitted 40 suggestions of web addresses as it is recommended by admin to suggest at least ten web addresses for each order. I enjoyed the fun on creating suggestions and submitting them to clients. But the more fun is that - if the client viewed and picked on one of the suggested domain names and bought it, I will receive my commission after 48 hours

For the newbie contributor, the reward amount will start at 20$. My rank started at number 5. Rankings at picky site starts from 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. If I hit the number 1 rank, I can enjoy a higher reward for every web address, name and slogan I suggested. The prices for each order starts from 20$, 25$, 30$, 35$, 40$, 45$, 50$, 55$, 60$ and above. My commission starts at 40% on the day I registered. Now my commission has increased to 55%. My place on that site now has changed to 325 from 24,793 and my present rank now is number 2. 

Below is an example of the order I received from one of the clients:

He said, "Our company provides on-line, personalized, low fee investment portfolios for “new wealth creators” (people who are earning and creating wealth and want to protect and grow their financial future). Our platform makes investing in the global marketplace simple, straightforward and completely transparent. Our processes are 100% compliant with the legal system so that our clients can feel comfortable that they are getting a product that will be worry and hassle free.

"Our customer base is mainly European (but may include international people), ages 25-55, likely to be technology and Internet educated. Clients come to us to invest money that they wish to keep safe and grow over a long time horizon. Our clients are concerned with getting the highest quality and convenient service for a fair price. The investing methodology of our offering is based on Nobel Prize winning research and seeks to replicate global market movements at a risk and volatility level that is specific for each client’s needs, desires and comfort. The underlying investment thesis is not our creation but is used by many other wealth managers around the globe. We deliver this same service more clearly, efficiently and less expensively. We pass these savings on to our customers."

My client wanted that the domain extension will be (.com) and is associated with keywords such as: Swiss, Switzerland, safety, security, stability, transparency, efficiency, low-cost, quality, liquidity, tradition, performance, integrity, global, multinational, long term, (academic), (scientific), (forward thinking), customer oriented, honest, research , Nobel Prize research. And the domain specs will have at least - maximum letters in domain name is 25, maximum words in domain name is 3, no dashes in domain name, numbers may be used in domain name and no slang indomain name.
Below are the ten suggestions with keywords for web address I submitted for the above order namely:
  • - Switzerland, Money, Maker
  • - Global Money Maker, Switzerland, Money Maker
  • - Multisystem, Wealth, Creator
  • - Swiss, Wealth Creator, Honest Wealth Creators, Multinational Wealth Creator, Award Winning Wealth Creator
  • - Swiss Wealth Creator, Honest Wealth Creators, Multinational Wealth Creator, Award Winning Wealth Creator
  • - Swiss, Wealth Creator, Honest Wealth Creators, Multinational Wealth Creator, Award Winning Wealth Creator
  • - Invest, High Return, Secured Investment, Stable Investment, Transparency Investment
  • - Invest, High Return, Secured Investment, Stable Investment, Transparency Investment
  • - Dependable, Investment, Safe Money, Invest
  • - Money Multiply Investment
Guys, assuming that you are my clients - would you likely view, pick, use or buy one of the above suggested web addresses for your company website? At picky domains site - all suggestions submitted for the clients are under tracked by the site

Any one who has the interest to become one of picky domains contributor - the site is open to anyone - just search the word picky domains on any search engines. The site is not looking for article writers. It is a naming service site. The job of contributors are to suggest web addresses, names and slogans only and it is free registration.

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