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Wikinut Awesome Online Status

Blog site has the potential power to attract traffic and views from Search Engine Crawlers and its Spiders and from surfers from around the globe. A blog site is also a marketplace where to display articles and other stuff published from other publishing sites. A bog site can help boost traffic to the websites that first published them through back linking. Below are the results of my personal review done with Wikinut Awesome blog site. And I thought to share them to you and across the Net.

Wikinut Awesome Landing Page 

If someone has typed or has searched the terms or the phrase Wikinut Awesome on any search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and Ask dot come – a page that caters all the published items on this blog will open. On top of the page is the link going to Wikinut AwesomeLanding Page – and followed by other URL links of several article titles published on that site – including other blog sites links that have shared some of the articles published at Wikinut Awesome on their blog sites.

As per suggestion from blogger team – the normal number of published articles to be displayedon the home page should be at least between 8 to 10 articles. However, I ignored theirsuggestion instead, I displayed up to three articles only. My reason is that: The lesser display of articles makes the site to open faster. I just added a gadget for the first ten popular articles aside from the daily and weekly archive articles.

Top Ten Countries Visited Wikinut Awesome 

United States is the number one viewers and already has brought 7,828 views followed by Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, France, India, United Kingdom, Canada and the tenth is Netherlands with 81 views. The number one browser used by surfers is Google Chrome followed by Firefox, Internet Explorer and the last is SimplePie. While for the operating systems,Windows is the first choice by surfers followed by other operatings systems.

Wikinut Awesome Top Ten referring Sites

Among the top ten referring sites – is the first with 717 views followed by 361 views, StumbleUpon 307 views, Facebook 265 views, Wikinutawesome 261 views, 147 views, 128 views, 97 views, 65 views and with 51 total views.

Wikinut Awesome Visitors Search Keywords Used namely:
  • wikinutawesome
  • family quotes
  • i love my family
  • i love my family quotes
  • iqama
  • i love my parents quotes
  • alaska milk recipes philippines
  • www iqama date expiry check
  • and love family quotes
Wikinut Awesome First Five Most Viewed Articles
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