Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Receive My First 50000 Views at Triond

From November 5 to December 5, 2012, I was able to write and published additional articles. Most of them were published on Webupon. They helped complete the needed views to complete the next badge I desired.

I hit the two eye balls and they became one of my Triond badges souvenirs. Of course, I cannot deny this that to get it – I had spent extra time and efforts. It was on November 4, 2012, I started dreaming to get the next badge level. I published an article entitled Fifty Seven Twenty-Four. It was about views I needed to complete the 50 thousand views badge level.

It happened actually on December 6, 2012. I received my Triond badge level of 50,000 views through the help of my Triond friends and all the visitors who happened to visit my Triond pages. Thank you so much guys. Now my Triond pages are working again to hit the next badge level which is 100 thousand views.

Below is the list of all 20 additional published articles after November 4 until December 5, 2012 with corresponding views they received, namely:

  • To Experience Other Cultures is Awesome - viewed 205
  • Nothing is Forever - viewed 15
  • Cash My Studio–an Awesome Site for Articles and Other Stuff - viewed 358
  • Twitter Now is Appearing as One of The Top Ten Referring Sites - viewed 370
  • Why I Favor Webupon - viewed 239
  • A Proof of CashMyStudio Earnings - viewed 311
  • Why We Need Keywords and Tags for Our Articles and Other Stuff - viewed 306
  • A Voucher is Part of The Language of Business - viewed 9
  • Review Report: The Present Online Status of Wikinut Awesome Blog -viewed 15
  • Google AdSense News: AdSense for Feeds Will be Kicked Off Soon - viewed 187
  • Stumbleupon is Bluffing Webupon - viewed 342
  • Awesome Traffic and Views From United States Down to Germany - viewed 29
  • Are You Afraid of Facebook Policy Over Sharing of User Data? - viewed 890
  • Why You Should Write for Allvoices, Bukisa, Expertscolumn, Hubpages, Squidoo, Triond and Wikinut viewed 165
  • Trending Items From Ingress Down to Bay Area - viewed 40
  • I Failed to Hit My Target Views: 814 is Lucky Number - viewed 553
  • 28 More Days to Enjoy The Double Earning Bonus at Expertscolumn - viewed 26
  • History for Hubpages: Why They Phased Out Tags - viewed 175
  • Be Wary of Weary Words: Trite Expressions - viewed 17

  • Looking at the above published articles, you can determine which articles got the most views and which articles got the least views. And if you will focus on their views – you can say that those articles that have garnered the least views are articles that did not show favorable results in terms of traffic, views and earnings. For these twenty articles, I used the same method to promote them outside Triond through the different social networks, bookmarking sites and promoting them on my blog sites. And yet still, some of them have flopped. Anyway, what is of most important to me is that – I informed people about things I liked and loved and I hit my goal!

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