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Numbers Reveal Key Characteristics of Personality

My Life Path Chart

Numbers can also tell our life paths, expressions and our heart desires. Life path is about a broad look at the opportunities and challenges that we will be presented with in this lifetime. It reveals key characteristics of our personality, the hurdles we must overcome to achieve happiness and the probable journey we will take. It is defined by the date of birth. It represents certain characteristics that are reference points for other aspects of our lives.

Based from my birth date April 29, 1960 – my life path number is 22. This number 22 and 11 are considered as “Master Numbers” by some numerologists, astrologists and palmists. How is my life path calculated? My life path is calculated in four steps:
  • I retained the digit in my month of birth since it is not more than one digit.
  • I added up the digits in my day of birth since it is more than one digit.
  • I added up the digits in my year of birth.
  • Then I added up the answers from 1, 2, and 3.
With all the above calculations, I kept adding until I ended up with a single digit, or an 11 or 22 – which are special cases known as Master Numbers. My month of birth is April, which is the 4th month. As 4 is a single digit, there’s nothing to add here. My day of birth is the 29th. I added 2 + 9 and the result is 11. My year of birth is 1960. I added 1 + 9 + 6 + 0 and the results are 16. Then I added again 1 + 6 and it gives me 7. Now the totals then are 4, 11, and 7. To get the final result, I added these three numbers (4, 11 and 7) together to give me 22. And because 22 is a master number, I retained it as is.

Number twenty-two have different meanings in different subjects of learning such as 22 in mathematics, physics and chemistry, religion, numerals, sports, music, journalism, literature, fashion, art, film and television, weights and measures, computing, technology, photography, politics, jargon aside from astrology, palmistry and numerology.
My Life Path Number 22

Palmists, Astrologists and Numerologists regarded numbers 22 and 11 as Master Numbers. I was born with these numbers. My life path number is 22 and my heart desire which is also known as my soul urge is number 11. For those who were born with the Life Path number 22 are considered to be the more powerful and the wiser of the two master numbers (11 and 22). Sometimes number 22’s are called the master builders in life as they are capable of imagining and then creating the huge systems and networks that support the very fabric of civilization. It is usually a 22 that is the propelling force when it comes to shifting the consciousness of great masses of people or improving the life quality of millions of people.

People with LP number 22 are an optimistic individuals who have the rare capabilities to manifest their higher ideals into reality. They are blessed with the ability to realize even the most far-fetched and seemingly impossible ideas. They are clear communicator and eloquent with words. They are natural born leaders and others willingly follow their directions. Usually they are attractive in appearance. They find their soul mates at very early in life and usually stay with that one person until the end of their lives. Usually their soul mates are presented to them almost as a matter of grace so they can focus on the larger more important matters they are fated to attend to.

They are brilliant, inventive and above average intelligence. Others find them to be charismatic and inspirational and their life are often filled with appreciative employees and friends. Their very presence are reassuring and comforting to others and many seek out their advice and wise words. In fact, many 22’s become recognized sages and spiritual gurus by the end of their life. As part of a karmic quirk, they are probably born into wealth and privilege and it is likely they received a better education than most people. These are the tools that the cosmos gave them to excel on their life path. The only drawback of such a path is that others may become jealous and see them as “being born with silver spoons in their mouths.”

People born with number 22 are almost assured enormous success, prestige and fame at some point in their life. Those who don’t become famous in the obvious sense are often the unsung geniuses behind progressive inventions and technology. However most 22’s are not motivated to achieve as a matter of reward. They probably enjoy what they do and would even do it for free.
Numbers/Letters Expression Chart

People born with life path number 22 can make an exceptional parent, teacher, counselor and spouse. Perhaps the only thing they may not excel at is being a follower. They are very emotionally balanced and a guardian of all that is harmonious and beautiful in life. They are great lover of art, they may also serve as patrons to artists, poets or musicians. They are considered to be an enlightened number, they will also be very charitable and philanthropic during their lifetime. Many charities and organizations will benefit from their wealth, as will their relatives, friends and family.

Despite their achievements, they will also be much beloved simply because they are such humble individuals. On a metaphysical level they might even have the ability to transform negative energy into positive as they are so wonderfully connected to the divine. They are very at peace with both their subconscious mind and higher self. They are distinguished by their abilities to apply spiritual knowledge and in practical ways. They are secure emotionally and seemingly incapable of being distracted from their chosen paths. They consider themselves to be above petty emotions and resentments and accept their tasks and emotional obligations with gratitude and noble sense of duty.

My Life Expressions

All the letters of the English Alphabet from “A” to “Z” can be turned off into numbers as well as all the letters in our name at birth. The numbers I used here are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 as shown on my expression chart with the descriptions under it. During my practice with numbers for my expression, I arrived a number which is 9. This number describes my potential natural talents and abilities. The process is not complicated and is easy to follow. For those who will have the interest to play with numbers you can also try by using your birth name – I used my birth date to calculate my life path number.

Letters and Numbers Groupings
  • Under the number 1 – are the letters A, J and S.
  • Under the number 2 – are the letters B, K and T.
  • Under the number 3 – are the letters C, L and U.
  • Under the number 4 – are the letters D, M and V.
  • Under the number 5 – are the letters E, N and W.
  • Under the number 6 – are the letters F, O and X.
  • Under the number 7 – are the letters G, P and Y.
  • Under the number 8 – are the letters H, Q and Z.
  • Under the number 9 – are the letters I and R
Exception to The Rule

In practice I put the vowels above the name and the consonants underneath (shown on my birth name chart). This is because my heart desire is derived from the vowels alone, so it makes easier for me at the next step to do it that way. But there is one exception to the rule and this is with the letter ‘Y’. If ’Y’ acts as a consonant and is pronounced it is classed as being a consonant. If it is not pronounced or acts as a vowel it is classed as being a vowel. Example the ‘Y’ in Yolanda, for instance, would be classed as being a consonant, but the ‘Y’ in Larry would be classed as being a vowel as it acts as a vowel.

People born with the expression number 9 - the ultimate height of their personal expressions in life is the chance to offer to others. They are spiritual in a very practical way and others are often drawn to their empathy and compassion. They work well with people of all ages but they particularly delight in inspiring creativity in children and young adults. For this reason they make a fantastic teacher, counselor or psychologist.
My Birth Name Chart
Others trust them implicitly because they are so kind, considerate and consistent. They are often the one that is still there when everyone else has abandoned someone for being a “lost cause.” They are an extremely loyal and dependable friend. They are a very intuitive individual who is deeply connected to others in a spiritual way. Many nines are prophets, healers and psychics. If they are not psychic then at the very least they are deeply drawn to studying matters of the occult or religion in some way. As they are so driven by their intuition, they are not often found in a day job but rather in an occupation that allows them to go where their heart leads them.

As others don’t understand their idealism they might suffer a great deal of skepticism or criticism in their life. While very young they may have learned to cloak their personalities in eccentricity so that others don’t take them seriously. They may have also gained a great deal of weight or developed a disability that gives them the excuse not to have march in step with the mass population. Often these illnesses and personal problems exist in order to eventually to jump start a leap on the spiritual path to enlightenment. Their trials and troubles often eventually qualify them as a “wounded healer” by the end of their life.

They are very concerned with the issue of how to express unconditional love. This is a very troubling concept for them as it is difficult for them to accept that one could love another so much and get no cosmic reward in return. It is often part of a number nine’s life expression path to be stuck with a difficult soul mate or experience a lot of rejection. This is the universe’s way of forcing them to connect with others on a spiritual way rather in a way that is lustful or possessive. Love is the most important thing in the world to them but they often have problems finding a soul mate. Many nines do not make good parents because they are too driven by impulse to be a consistent presence in a child’s life. Their partners or lovers may also find them frustrating because they live so much in the present and rarely think of the future.

They are very warm and friendly and almost all that meet them are immediately impressed by their gentle and kind personalities. As the last thing anyone could ever call them are shallow, they sometimes don’t pay that much attention to their personal appearance. Also putting others priorities ahead of their own often leads to a great deal of self-sacrifice. One of their challenges is to make sure that they take time out to take care of themselves and their surroundings. Creativity and art mean a great deal to them and many of them are great poets, musicians and artists. Art is an ideal way for them to express their love of harmony and the divine order of the universe.

Number 11 is My Heart Desire

My heart desire number is 11. I have already done all the mathematics necessary to work out this number. It is simply the total of the top row (the vowels) of my full birth name I discussed on part four. After adding all the numbers of the top row, I got a total of 47. Now to get my heart desire number - I will now add (4 +7) which is equals 11. For those who also bear with the same number 11 – its details are really interesting to read and to share.

Our hearts desires are also known as our souls urges. Our heart’s purpose is to manifest ideals into reality but usually such an endeavor means that we must be a catalyst for change. For this reason many who encounter us actually fear us as what we suggest and say is a threat to their emotional and physical security. However this does not usually bother us as we have an innate realization that without chaos there can be no personal transformations or betterment of society.

Our highest calling is to become the master of a religion or of a spiritual realm. This can be a painful process emotionally as it often means the stripping away of the personality and ego. Many of us travel a very difficult path, fraught with personal, physical and financial obstacles as the cosmos tests our mettle to have faith only in our higher self. We are considered as the ultimate seeker of truth and will go to any lengths to find spiritual teachers or gurus. This search often leads us on a path that is full of many pitfalls and disappointments as we realize that one spiritual system does not work for us or that a guru or teacher is only human after all. However by the end of our life, we are fated to acquire a great deal of practical and esoteric wisdom. Many of us become as hard and clear as diamonds when it comes to our clarity about the human race.

We also have the highest ideals of any other number and therefore set ourselves up for disappointment. Many of us are born to be very sensitive emotionally and many of our heart lessons have to do with detaching emotionally from the pain and misery of the human race. Common heart lessons learned by number 11s are not to take things personally, to realize that everything, including happiness, is transitional and to realize that nothing is perfect (especially humans.) At the beginning of our lives we are often very attached to people, but by the end we usually achieve an omniscient emotional distance that is more beneficial and healing for a large group of humans than just a few.

Often our search for spiritual truth leads us to experimentation with mind-altering drugs. We are fascinated with the idea of altering our consciousness to achieve enlightenment. Rather than drugs, teachings from a master or trips to holy or mystical places would better cultivate our talents. One of the dangers of being an eleven is that we think our psyche can take in anything and not suffer damage. Some of the spiritual experiences that we desire may be too strong for our delicate nervous system. For this reason we need to avoid mind-altering drugs, situations that are too extreme or religions that invite us to host dead spirits.

We are also more vulnerable to astral attack than the other numbers simply because we are like a wide-open channel that is willing to receive psychic information from others. As some psychic information is destructive we need to learn meditation and psychic protection techniques to shield ourselves from negative influences and energies. As we are so curious it is very easy for us to be lead down the wrong spiritual path. If this does happen we are better off to forgive ourselves and move on rather than dwell on a mistake that we think may have ruined our life. Testing our faith with negative spiritual influences is another way that the cosmos assures that we will eventually learn to transcend the ego desires of our personality.

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