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How to Turn Your Site Contents Into Cash? Tips for Writers

There are hundred of affiliate programs available online looking for online marketers to help them promote their best products and services to people. Online writers should consider them too as an alternative way to make money online aside from publishing contents to some of the sharing revenue sites available online. Writers can use their blog sites or websites to display the products and services from companies or merchants like Paladin Press, Check Unlimited, Legacy Learning Systems, Xandria Collection, ShareASale, Weebly, Official Diet Choices, WordPress, The Halo Company and MensUSA.They are looking for affiliates.

Paladin Press is the source for instructional books and DVDs on firearms, self-defense, sniping, martial arts, knife fighting, lock picking, and survival. The company is open for affiliates. An affiliate will enjoy the 15% commission from an average sale of $70. So, the more products he sold online, the bigger the commission he will enjoy.

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Checks Unlimited is now America's leading direct-to-consumer check provider, offers checks at a savings of as much as 50% when compared to typical bank prices. With their complete line of personal checks, business checks and accessories, the company can accommodate every check writing need. To participate in the Program, you must be registered as an affiliate.

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Legacy Learning Systems' mission is "Bringing Personal Dreams Within Reach." This applies to those people who purchase their products and learn a skill that they have dreamed about their entire lives as well as their affiliates. The company wants to bring your personal dreams within reach. That is their mission - to make difficult skills accessible through multimedia self-education courses.

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Xandria Collection has been America's #1 source for awesome and sexy toys and awesome accessories for both men and women. In addition to their products they have lots of great sexy information, tips and advice from their blog sexology from Xandria for erotic stories, product information and many more.

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To sign up as an Affiliate of Shareasale and to use the Service as an Affiliate Partner you must be at least 18 years of age, and supply a valid tax-id, which may be your social security number for individuals, or a federal tax-id for corporations or entities and your site is not about adult sites, sites that display adult banners, sites that promote violence, bigotry or hatred and sites that promote illegal activity.

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ShareASale Party at Affiliate Summit West 2010 (Photo credit: Affiliate)

Weebly has over 12 million users. Affiliates earn commission for every qualifying sale – with no limit on how much you can earn. Great for partner where websites aren’t core to your business but you want to promote a great solution. An affiliate will enjoy 30% commission on sales, 120 day cookie length and optimized creative, Exciting Affiliate Promotions, Dedicated Affiliate Team and it is exclusively on ShareASale.

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Official Diet Choices is a 3 in 1 affiliate program.  The Green Coffee Diet was just called “The miracle diet” by Dr. Oz. It is currently the hottest selling diet online. The HCG Diet allows people to lose 1-2 pounds per day. They offer the highest commissions of any HCG program at 25% of every sale! The Raspberry Ketone Diet was also called “The miracle diet” too by Dr. Oz. Also it is currently the hottest selling diet online as the same as the Green Coffee Diet.

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If you're focusing on web developers or online marketers, WordPress Engine is a great opportunity for you to grow your online business. They will also offer special creative and landing pages for the right affiliates. And they now pay out a minimum of $150 per sale. So an affiliate will enjoy the 100% of the first month on accounts over $150 per month and up to thousands of dollars for just one sale.

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Different affiliates offer different value to their program and they have spent a lot of time developing a program that can accommodate all of them. The Halo Company's unique structure is designed to affiliates that are directly responsible for acquiring customers with huge commissions, while still offering above average incentives to coupon sites that have assisted in acquiring a customer. They are pleased to offer residual commissions to all affiliates in their program.

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MensUSA offers a wide variety of suits with a range of color options that best fit with the best quality fabrics. It is open for affiliates. MensUSA has gorgeous designs with superb suits and nice fittings. The store has excellent color collections. The garments were elegant and comfortable. MensUSA has been selling discounted suits, shoes, shirts and ties for over 25 years.

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