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How to Write Your First Article or Story

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: waɪ.tiː)

To write article or story is not easy task but it is within everyone’s grasp – if you know the right techniques. It is a mechanical process that everyone can master if you use the right ingredients. In my experience as a blogger, I found some interesting things needed to improve with my blogging hobby. The following are some of the interesting points that value an article and I would like to share them here.

Title Of The Article

The title of the article should be an attention grabbing or a descriptive one. Also it can be in a form of a question. Ten words for a title are acceptable but if you can shorten it, the better.

Introduction of The Article

The introduction of the article should reveal the most interesting and most highlighted points about the article’s contents.

What Attract More Readership?

Images, photos and videos included in the article can help attract more visitors and readers. They are available in the internet though it is better if you owned them.

The Importance of Tags and other Keywords

Some of us write their blog articles without considering the importance of tags. Tag is a word or group of words that suggests about the contents and substance of the article and when a surfer hit that word during his search it will lead him to a particular article. Some writers use the titles of their articles as tags. 

The Importance of Back links

I learned that not just any back link will do. Only those from sites with relevant topics or subjects get counted. So if you wanted to apply back links on your article sharing - if you can avoid do not use click here use text words

Nobody Is Perfect

Article should not contain a bunch of wrong spellings, punctuations and grammar errors though we sometimes overlooked of them. Of course, nobody is perfect here. However, we can avoid them.

Inject Honesty And love

Lying here is a sin and a crime. So before writing your article, you would have to gather information that will support your article and investigate them before hand for their validity.

Avoid Writing Long Article

If your article is long write it by parts. The best length of an article that people read mostly during surfing the net ranges from 200, 300 to 500 words or a 5 minutes slot.

Avoid Run-On and Long Sentences

Of course, no-one will kick you off if you used run-on sentences when writing article. However, it is better to avoid them. Short sentences in your article are more readable and understandable.

The Importance of 5Ws When Writing Article

The article should answers the 5Ws: Who, What, Why, When and Where - before you blog it. This is a basic formula that needs attention!

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