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One Moment of Genius Could Earn You a Star

Below are 101 collections of Star Article Pages I published at Wikinut - that according to Moderators - they deserved to receive stars. Most of the articles were written based from personal experiences, others 
were researched articles. 

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  1. I Love My Wikinut Family
  2. Let Your Style Develop Naturally
  3. Those Negative Feedback Would Turn a Stone Into Gold
  4. This Might Be My Last Article for Wikinut
  5. Wikinut vs Triond vs ExpertsColumn
  6. The World Would Become Rough and Wild If Children Ruled The World
  7. Are You Doubtful About The Bible Records
  8. Constructive Guidelines for Migrant Workers Coming to Saudi Arabia--part Four
  9. Hail The Major Factor in Producing Lightning
  10. Another Way to Promote Wikinut, Personal Pages and Friends Awesome Pages
  11. Ten Most Populated Countries: Is Overpopulation a Healthy Condition
  12. Sip of Inspiration: Tea Bag Pours Money
  13. A Letter from PhilHealth is Evidence that Wikinut Attracts Public Attention
  14. Mar Roxas of Philippines is One of The Young Global Leaders
  15. Constructive Guidelines for Migrant Workers Coming to Saudi Arabia--part Two
  16. Constructive Guidelines for Migrant Workers Coming to Saudi Arabia--part One
  17. PhilHealth Circular No. 022 is an Added Burden to The Millions of OFWs Worldwide
  18. Why Rat and Cat are Great Enemies: The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals
  19. A Non-profit Organization (FCHAR) Gathered to Advance a Collaborative HIV/AIDS Research
  20. Origins and Traditions of Valentine's Day
  21. My Youth and Strength are Already Deteriorating
  22. Use YouTube for Your Writing Hobby
  23. My Hard Works were Compensated to Receive My Daughter's Reply
  24. The Aftermath of 2011 Backlinks Experiment is Still Driving Traffic to My Wikinut Pages
  25. Things I Achieved from My First 522 Days at Wikinut
  26. Blog a Place to Acquire New Knowledge and Skills
  27. Do not Leave an Issue Unsettled: Duplicated Text is Not Accepted at HubPages
  28. Delicious for Storing, Sharing and Discovering Web Bookmarks
  29. How to Avail Credit Card in Saudi Arabia
  30. Ways to Promote Old Published Articles: Ten Neglected Virtues
  31. Odiogo Turns Your Blog Into Audio
  32. How to Avoid Bashing at a Community Group
  33. The 4R Strategy to Control Industrial Waste in The Kingdom
  34. The Importance of a Residence Permit in Saudi Arabia
  35. Saudi Arabia Tourist Destinations: 81 Years in Progress and Prosperity
  36. Fire Prevention Should be Observed Through Out The Whole Year Round
  37. Maximize The Use of StumbleUpon for Articles Sharing
  38. Wikinut Stays on Top and Yet No Other Sites Break Its Views Records
  39. Wikinut Had Become The Most Visited Site
  40. Google+: The Biggest Rival of Facebook
  41. You Can Share Your Original Articles First Published at Wikinut to Triond Site
  42. Is It Worth to Sue Someone for Breaching Your Copyright
  43. Following Google Panda's Advice We Can Avoid His Robust Dropkicks
  44. Eight Ways to Attract Crawlers and Readers
  45. Today I am Sharing the Joy to Wikinut and the World
  46. Life Without Dreams is Boring and Dull
  47. The Aftermath of Saudization
  48. Is Coffee a Healthy Drink
  49. The Goal of Saudization is a Win-Win Solution for The Jobless Saudis
  50. What Causes a Man and a Woman to Become Sterile
  51. Saudi Arabia is Robustly Standing Among The Super Powers
  52. Why Twitter is Insisting That It is Not a Social Networking Website
  53. Google is Tracking and Indexing Acknowledgments of Individual Content Creators
  54. Wikinut Writers are Entrepreneurs: Defining Needs and Wants
  55. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Combats Electronic Crimes
  56. By Then I Realize That The Real Problem is...I am Not American
  57. Education and Learning Can Also Be Achieved Outside School
  58. Natural Alternative 4111 Formula to Boost Libido
  59. Cracking The Short Story--Part Four
  60. What Osama Bin Laden Up to Now
  61. Cracking The Short Story--Part Three
  62. Cracking The Short Story--Part Two
  63. Cracking The Short Story--Part One
  64. Children Education -- part Three
  65. Children Education--part Two
  66. Children Education--part One
  67. I am Learning from Numbers -- the Last Part
  68. I am Learning from Numbers--part Five
  69. I am Learning from Numbers--part Three
  70. An Awesome Feature of Google: Let Me Google That for You
  71. Plagiarism is Not a Crime Compared to Copyright Infringement
  72. Faith Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  73. Gratitude Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  74. Thrift and Industry Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  75. Learning Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  76. Civility Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  77. Morality Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  78. Honesty Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  79. Interesting Word to Rate Your Reading Skills
  80. Charice Pempengco the Most Talented Girl and Most Sensational Young Diva in the World
  81. Singing--My Way to Stardom
  82. Peace, Unity and Friendships Could be Achieved through the Power of Poetry
  83. What Our Wikinut Points Tell About Us?
  84. My Wikinut Pages Views are Tremendously Increasing Compare to other Paying Sites
  85. What Did You Do During The Year 2010?
  86. Where does Google AdSense base Their Ads?
  87. Sitting On Your Chair With Your Underwear Earns Money--But Beware Of Scams
  88. Ways to Get Views and Increase Wikinut Points
  89. Happy Returns of the Months
  90. Things that Count
  91. Our Wikinut Pages are Another Amazing Traffics Generators
  92. Professionally, We can Deal Spammers and Scammers without Hurting Them
  93. Hit Daxen and Start Building a Better Tomorrow--part Two
  94. Rose means to Remember
  95. The Eerie Gift
  96. My Wikinut Page Views Break My Wordpress Records
  97. The Tree with Thousands Uses
  98. December's Treasure
  99. The Truth Hurts
  100. A Remnant Of Its Past Glory--Old Diriyah--Riyadh, KSA
  101. The Concept of Wise Consumerism

A star badge is one of Wikinut badges handed out for a single act of goodness. Of course, there are different ways to earn it. If you are writing already for Wikinut publishing site or if you are planning to write for Wikinut site - you may take a time to read also What are Wikinut badges, and how to earn them? As explained - Wikinut badge is an indication of a users standing in the Wikinut community, others are awarded for one-off achievement.

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