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The Pioneer and Market Leader in Ganoderma Business

From using the wellness and healthy products alone, you will earn. When you endorse and share the products to people, you will earn. When you invite people and teach them how to become a wise consumer, you will get your lifetime residual income. The business can be done part time or full time – it does not need to leave your job to do the business. These products are naturally manufactured by DXN International Marketing in Malaysia.
DXN is already playing remarkably in the market of over 151 countries. This is open to any nationality – both male and female, ages 18year old and above, regardless of their affiliations, professions and careers.
DXN is a modern grocery store. Its mission is to promote “Good Health to the World” through the good and high quality products. It offers business opportunity to anyone. DXN has touched the lives of so many people since its inception in 1993, by serving as the pioneer and market leader in Ganoderma business throughout the world. DXN has no advertisement. Its members and distributors are paid to promote, distribute, and to sell its products and services to people.
Top ten (10) reasons why a person should be involved into DXN business:
  • There is no risk in DXN – unlike any traditional businesses and franchise offers that you need at least hundreds of thousands or up to million dollars to start.
  • Very Low Start Up – you can start your own DXN MLM business for less than $100 with product samples, product catalogue, price list and Global Membership ID Card.
  • Pressure Free – there is no time and work pressure or any boss that will harass at you like what you might experience in the corporate world. In DXN you are the boss.
  • Global Marketing System – the business coverage is worldwide and entitles a member to receive international checks from the marketing plan with just a single membership.
  • The Products are Globally Accepted – high demand products that are consumables. They are certified natural and organic by various international approving bodies. The product lines ranges from Cosmetics, Personal Care, Beverages, Juices, Food Supplements and many more.
  • No Boundary – you can do the business wherever you are regardless of a person’s nationality. Anyone can join as long as he/she is at least 18year old of age and above.
  • Unlimited Income Potential – though there is no risks involve, however, the income potential is unlimited.
  • It Can Be Done Part Time or Full Time – it does not need to leave your job to do the business.
  • DXN is Very Strong and Stable Company – with integrity and guaranteed monthly payout since 1993. The company has market presence in over 151 countries worldwide and still growing.
  • You will Learn Business Skills – according to Robert Kiyusaki MLM or Network Marketing is a Business School where you learn and enhance your business skills at no costs.
DXN products are manufactured with special ingredients with 200 active elements that help invigorating our body system. DXN members enjoy a “Lifetime Privilege Card” which is recognized worldwide and “Cash Discount” from 15% to 25% from all the items purchased from the DXN centers around the world. From purchasing DXN products you will earn points and for every 100 points value (PV) earned per month is subject for cash rebates.
How to become a DXN member? You must be 18year old and above either male or female of any nationality. You will be sponsored by a DXN member/distributor who invited you. You will fill up the Distributor’s Application Form.
The Benefits of a DXN Member:
  • Lifetime membership (one-time) no renewal
  • International Sponsoring
  • Residual Income
  • Generous Compensation Plan
  • No time frame in achieving Position
  • Cell phone Incentive (one time)
  • Travel Incentive (one time)
  • Inheritance – Transferable membership
Three Methods that Generate Income at DXN:
  • Usage Business – Being a DXN Wise Consumer you will enjoy the benefits of good and healthy products and a lifetime discounts from 15% to 25%. You will earn points every time you purchase DXN items for personal use and those points earned are subject for cash rebates.
  • Recommendation Business (Extra Income) – By endorsing the products to people (consumers/customers) you will earn a retail profits from 15% to 25% of every product purchased including its points value.
  • Invitation Business (Career Opportunity) – Invite your friends, friends of friends. Teach them how to become DXN Wise Consumer Members. When they become DXN members, you will earn commission from all the items they purchased from DXN grocery stores world wide.
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