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The Hero's Born: Goth and His Golden Apple

It’s believed that whoever eaten the fruit of the Golden Apple of The Sun would enjoy the infinite power for the rest of his life.The story began when Goth, who was a half Filipino, a half German visited Albay and spent his vacation at Mayon. It was Christmas day, he turned 18. He’s alone at the foot of Mayon.
Mayon volcano was approximately 7,926 feet high and still a very active volcano. At 8am Goth started climbing up Mayon. He’s optimistic that he could reach the top of the volcano before the sun sits down.
Walking across the slippery steep rock face of Mayon was a perilous quest, but Goth didn’t think to go back. He courageously had kept moving till he ascended up at about 500 meters above from the bottom before he stopped under tree bearing-fruits.
The tree stood approximately 7feet tall. Its roots were grasping on Mayon’s smooth wall with other growing shrubs. Its leaves were yellow and heart-shaped. The fruits were green and round. Goth was tempted to pick its fruits and ate them. They tasted sweet and juicy. He picked more fruits, placed them in his pack and found a place to lie down.
While Goth was almost asleep, he heard some queer voices. He sprang up to check where the voices came from. He’s surprised to see a ball of fire was shining brightly on top of the tree. He noticed the tree was dancing. Its fruits were talking and laughing. Their colors have changed to gold
Goth recognized it that it’s the unknown tree where he picked its fruits. He looked at the fruits that he placed on his knapsack and found the fruits have changed to gold too. At the bottom of the tree were two husky lions with brilliant eyes and guarding the tree. He’d the rifle but he couldn’t use it against them. Those creatures really scared him.
“My God, what’s this? Is this real? Oh no, God help me. I must leave this place. They might kill me,” Goth exclaimed. He moved his feet to run away but he couldn’t. He stumbled down unconscious. An hour later, Goth woke up and noticed that the tree was gone and those lions were gone too.
“What the hell’s going on here? Did I dream? No, it’s real. I saw them. I ate the fruits. And I’ve still the fruits in my pack.” He opened his knapsack but he found nothing. “Oh no, I just placed them here. I knew I placed them here!” Goth took a deep breath and thought that all was just a dream. He left the place and proceeded his climbing adventure.
At 12noon Goth was almost on the top of Mayon volcano when abruptly he slipped and rolled down. He yelled for help hoping for someone to rescue him but nobody came. And yet Goth was surprised seeing himself afloat on the open air.
“Oh my God, how did I do this? I can’t believe this. This is real!” he shouted intensely.
Unknown to Goth, the power of the fruits that he’d eaten already was controlling him. He’s confused. He didn’t know what to do. How to control it and to stop it?
“God, please put me down,” he pleaded. 
Slowly Goth reached the ground but his breath was almost gone. His whole body was in pain.
“This is a miracle! I can fly. Where’d I get this power? Who gives this to me?” He asked.
As Goth was analyzing about the confusing situation the tree has appeared again and spoke to him in an agreeable sound.
“Goth, I’m the Golden Apple of the Sun. I’m happy because you’re the lucky person to receive my power. When you ate my fruits, my powers were ceded to you. You can do anything you want to do. Use that power. Also I’ll entrust to you my flashing sword of thunder and lightning. Although always remember that you should not use it to destroy your destiny. With the power I gave to you, you could see your future.” Then the tree disappeared.
Goth was delighted and continued on ascending up to the top of mayon Volcano but his elations were disturbed when he heard some strange voices. He looked back and saw strange creatures staring at him angrily.
“Who the hell are you? Where’d you all come from?” Asked Goth.
“We’re sent by our god master to see you. He wants your power,” the unknown creatures replied harshly.
“What’re you talking about? What power?”
“We know that the power of the Golden Apple of the Sun is in your hand now, but we’ll get that power. It belongs to us!”
Goth was alarmed. Those creatures were seriously hunting him. He realized that he’s in danger. So, he watched them and took steps against their attacks. Goth stood 5’8”tall, strong and healthy. He’s wearing a black walking boots, black jeans, black jacket and a piece of red cloth fastened around his head.
Those aliens resembled like robots with 4feet, 4hands and they stood 4feet tall. Their heads were round and gleaming in gold. Their eyes were bursting. And they’ve quickly become invisible and they started attacking Goth with their strength.
But Goth had become invisible too. He saw everyone standing enraged surrounding him. They started hitting his body with their solid blows but Goth sought revenge. He gave them back his heavy counter-blows.
But those aliens have hastily fused and transformed into a big six-footed monster. The monster attacked Goth with huge burning rocks from his mighty hands and heavy rains of fire from his blazing eyes.
Goth fought hard against the monster. He’d cut off all the flaming rocks and the monster into pieces with his flashing sword of thunder and lightning. Those creatures scattered sparkling above in the open atmosphere. Goth felt exhausted and fell to the ground senseless.
An hour later, Goth heard someone was calling him up.
“Goth, I’m right to choose you, to receive my power. You’d used it for good. Now you could walk on top of water. You could run as fast as light and could float and fly in the open air. All of your senses would become bionic.
“You could see creatures from miles away. You could hear voices coming from miles away. You could be an invisible creature, if you wished. You’d become a strong man. You could do some magic tricks and could even see what’s in store in the future.
“Always use your power against iniquities, help the sick and the needy and depend the Mother Earth against any aliens’ attacks.” And the Golden Apple of the Sun disappeared leaving Goth speechless.
It was the last time Goth had seen the Alien Tree. He knew it, it’s weird but he’s grateful too, to receive such an eerie gift of Christmas. Exactly 3pm he reached the top of Mayon volcano. Up there he shouted for joy, “I’m an invincible man!”
And before the sun down he left the place by the air and glided down to the towns surrounding Mayon volcano and joyfully dancing with the songs of carols sang beautifully by the streets children with the flickering of firecrackers scattering above the blue skycelebrating Christmas.
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