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Write, Publish and Get Paid at CashMyStudio

CashMyStudio is a newly launched publishing site accepting your awesome original contents. The site has many features, namely: current studio status, video, blog, photos, your ads section, forum and marketplace and there are more features to come.

When did I find CashMyStudio?

It was on October 15, 2012, I received a short alert from the webmaster of the site – who is also the Admin and the Creator, he asked me if I would become interested to join a new launched site that allows its members to earn money from ads program mainly from Chitika and Google AdSense. His message attracted me to open the link going to CashMyStudio site. It took me at least 30 minutes to browsing down all the features available on that site. That thirty minutes with the site impressed me and I decided to join. 

On the same date, I replied, “I checked out the site and it is cool. When did you create the site? I noticed it that the site has no contents yet. I have read the terms of use including the site policy – you focused on original contents – what do you mean original contents? what I know – (1) original contents are those contents written by a certain author and not copied from any-one’s work (2) original contents are those contents written by a certain author that are already published somewhere else and yet still the author can still publish them on other sites with an assurance that he is really the author. Now what I have observed many publishing sites are accepting contents that are originally written by a certain author even though they are already published somewhere else. I liked that site. I might have the interest to venture with your site.”

On October 16, 2012, I received the creator’s answer said “This site just launched on October 15, 2012. Thus we have no users and content yet. We’re planning to get up there quickly. The site has alot of features. You can advertise across your content with text ads or allow others to advertise across your content and you earn “Studio Credits” and it’s alot more fun than any other writing sites because of the upcoming features and current features. Yes, original content means content that you OWN. We don’t recommend it being published on other sites but you can (SEO reasons). As long as you own the content it’s fine. Thank you, please sign up, spread the word, and tell me what you think!”

On November 3, 2012, I finally joined with CashMyStudio. I uploaded my first three items for blogphoto and video sections. And then I alerted Admin “Dude I already joined your site – in an hour I ably garnered 69 views for my three uploaded items. However, I noticed that forum and market sections are still empty. I am planning to write a short review about the site.”

On November 5, 2012, the Admin replied, “Thank you, the forum and marketplace are on there way. Send me a message when you write the review.”

From its launching date, the site has now almost forty members enjoying now with the site. As of this writing, there are about 69 original blog articles uploaded on the site, seven video so far and 32 awesome photos. My pages have already garnered 283 views. I already earned 160 studio points and 100 studio credits – and I am planning to use them for my stuff advertising.

On this site, members can upload blog article from 350 words and above. The editorial section is awesome. For blog title, it is designed for 80 characters only and for the descriptions or summary at least one to two sentences or 250 characters maximum length. Tags are from 3 to 10 and the up-loader can create his own desired URL links for his entries as the same for video and photo. 

A basic studio member will receive 60% share of views impression but if he upgraded his studio to premium he will enjoy 100% of views impression. Because earnings are from Google AdSense and Chitika, it is assumed that members will receive their earnings through their accounts on Google AdSense and Chitika.

The site is accepting all kinds of writers who have the interest to venture with CashMyStudio. The earnings are from ads program – so for those interested parties you may prepare your Google AdSense Pub-ID and your Chitika Username – they are the two important requirements. The site is equipped with share buttons to market the stuff outside CashMyStudio.

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