Sunday, January 13, 2013

Google Domination

Of all the search engines, it is only Google who often under going so many updates compared to Bing, Yahoo and other search engines on this virtual world. Yes. I understand that in business there is always competition. Without competition, business will be boring. And there will be no new online applications to come up. And those who cannot survive in the competition are the losers. But I can see Google is obviously trying to dominate the Internet. Google is again on their algorithm updates by using Venice – a city name in northeast Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands. After Panda, Penguin and Venice what comes next to use for Google updates?

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For Google next algorithm updates, I might suggest that Google would use the names of the Holy Vatican Popes, the names of remarkable presidents of countries or the names of earthquakes that killed many people and destroyed people properties or to use the names of Hurricanes and storms. Or to use the names of different water snakes to justify the Chinese Year 2013 which is the year of the snakes that according to some Feng Shui experts 2013 is a lucky year for any business to engage and to venture. Since Google is on business – they should enjoy the good predictions of Feng Shui experts for this year 2013.

Of course, I do not object what Google is trying to prove to the billion surfers from across the globe. Yes. They are using and applying different names of their algorithms updates but again it is the same approach and purpose, only the name of every update made Google has changed. It is like Janus. Every time he revisited us – it is the same Janus people see, only the age has changed. And again this Venice update will result the same effect when the last two Panda and Penguin were intensified. There will be no new changes to see and to happen because mostly of websites and blog site owners are now professionally taking care of their sites.

For writers and other web content creators, Google updates is not really a problem. Write your columns intended for your readers. Write columns that are informative. Write columns that can inspire your readers. Write an engaging columns for your readers and visitors. Write columns with good quality, with good contents, and with proper grammar and spellings. Or if can you write a perfect column – it is better but there was no record yet that a writer has perfectly published online a perfect article or column without errors. Google and other search engines are there to help searchers on their searches. But writers should adhere his intentions why he writes – it is for his readers not only for SEO. What is the use of SEO if there were no surfers?

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