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Beware of Scam Websites: is Found One of Them

At the time Arvind - the CEO and Founder of started attracting people online to venture with his founded online business, he assured them that his team is capable to pay the earnings earned by every bubblews contributors as long as the earned amount has reached the threshold redeemable amounting to 25$. His promise is supported with a published documents, I quote, "I launched this website on February 2nd, 2012. The community that exists and continues to grow believes in the movement. The community also believes that WE ALL SHOULD BE PAID FOR OUR THOUGHTS, INTERESTS and FEELINGS. We are the passion that the world so desperately needs. We all speak freely."

On June 23, 2014, the official registered contributors of have reached so far to 240,255. However, these numbers do not actually reflect for the total active members or contributors of bubblews who are actively uploading their items to the site - as there are thousands of members who have left the site voluntarily and there were also thousands of contributors who were kicked off from using the site when those thousands contributors have started complaining against the site for not paying them for their hard works and efforts.

The above photo is the 240,255 contributors of as of June 23, 2014

When Arvind launched the site on February 2, 2012 - the site has attracted thousands of new contributors that came from the four corners of the globe - who found it as an alternative site to get the easy online money in exchange from publishing articles of 400 characters. However, after six months of existing, was bombarded of thousands complains from its members for not paying the money due to them.

The above photo is Arvind account - the CEO and Founder of 

However, thousands of bubblews contributors have caught Arvind - lying to his thousands contributors. They believed that Arvind was just using his sweet assurances and promises to make them become more active members for his site by uploading more items to the site and by inviting more people to And they found Arvind and his team is maintaining a SCAM WEBSITE. Because at the time these contributors asked for payments with their complains, Arvind and his team have just ignored them and the site's solution to stop these complainants - all of them have received letters - telling them that their bubblews accounts are subjects for deletion with the attached TOU (Terms of Use) see the below photo.

During the early months of, the site and its contributors are happily working hand-in-hand. Its members received their first and second e-check payments through PayPal. However, when had become popular and had attracted thousands of new users, the site became incapable to pay all its contributors, so Arvind and his team have applied a method - the so called "Selective Payments" strategy. And until now the site is using this strategy. And those contributors who have requested their third, fourth payments and so on amounting to 25$ are still on waiting status. And could no longer pay them because Arvind and his team have changed the redeemable amounts from 25$ to 50$ effective on December 14, 2013.

See the above photo of how Arvind - the CEO and Founder of a SCAM WEBSITE which is has used his flowering words to re-assure its doubtful contributors and etc.

When the said changes was implemented on the site, thousands of its contributors bombarded Arvind and his team with questions about those requested payments that has not been paid yet but Arvind instead of answering them has just ignored them. Below is another photo - a reaction from one of contributors.

I admit I am also a victim of On April 18, 2013, I uploaded an article on It was a call for the site regarding my third payment request that the site has ignored. I used the title as Bubblews Admin is Hiding Because The Site Cannot Pay Its Users. But my call did not work! See the photo below for details.

But I did not stop calling for Arvind and his team regarding payment request and it was followed my fourth payment request - see the below photo for details. I used the title My Seven Posts Earned 25.50 US Dollars - I published it on April 27, 2013.

And on June 18, 2014, I visited the site's Facebook page. I left a message addressed directly to Arvind - asking him for the payments I requested for my third, fourth and the fifth which was in the form of a Visa card gift worth of 103$. See the photo below for details.

And the result after I posted my short message to Arvind on his bubblews' Facebook page - on June 21, 2014 my Gmail box received a letter from bubblews' staff with a CC to Arvind and that's the only time I learned that Arvind's real name is Arvind Jay Dixit with his business email add ( - the CEO and Founder of - the subject (VIOLATION OF TOU - pruelpo) and telling me that my bubblews account is subject for deletion.

As part of being professional in dealing with people, every time my mail box receives communications from people not related to me I always entertain them - how much more if the said communication came from people I am working with. So, I replied it on June 22, 2014 with honestly and frankly, I quote:

Mr. Arvind
CEO & Founder of


Your communication serves as your acceptance and a proof that has no capability to pay its writers. And this is also a proof that your site is a scam site by using the hard works and efforts of your contributors to give life to your existing scam site bubblews.comThis is also a proof that you are not professional in dealing issues raised by your contributors as the CEO and founder of 

And this is also a proof that you don't even know how to communicate to your contributors - when a contributor asked you payments - your action is to delete his account immediately without any valid reasons. I asked those payments last year 2013 - but you failed to pay me (my third and fourth request) including my last 5th request which was in a Visa gift card worth 103$. Now you replied it telling me that my account is subject for deletion!

What the heck are you Mr. Arvind - CEO and founder of Honestly speaking you know that it is your duty to pay me the amount of 203$. If you have the balls - don't just run. You owed me 203$ and you should pay what is due to me, ASAP!


Paul Pruel

To date there's no additional communication my Gmail box received from Arvind Jay Dixit and from his bubblews staff.

More about Arvind Jay Dixit - he is the CEO and Founder of Bubblews that many people he victimized including me believed that the site is a SCAM WEBSITE. He is presently living in Fair Fax, Virginia, USA as per his bubblews account. He's 25 years old when he put up his website. He said he is a first-generation, natural born citizen of the United States of America, and the son to a Polish mother and an Indian father who both emigrated from their respective countries. On his website - he uses different user's name, namely:
  • Arvind
  • harvinderjoshi 
  • marvindy1015
  • Arvinder061
  • and PSArvind
Below is also a photo with some details about as reviewed by It is said that the owner country is United States but the website location is Costa Rica. The review made by scamadviser was bombarded with comments. Visit the site for more details.

Bubblews Official Pages:
This article was written based from my opinion, reactions and my experiences with I admit that I really hate people who is cheating and scamming people no matter who is the person and his affiliation. And I am ready and willing to answer for any questions from people read this piece including Arvind himself - the CEO and Founder of

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