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You Need Creative Talent and Imagination

There are at least approximately 100,000 magazines and newspapers published world-wide in the English language (not included yet the online publishing sites that accept contributions from writers from around the world). Most of these purchase articles and stories fromfreelance writers. The major English language markets are in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. But in addition there are at least another 40 countries that have some publications in English.
Writing is one of the most rewarding occupations or pastimes. It is an activity for which there is an enormous demand. Editors and publishers are always on the lookout for new writers and fresh ideas. Consequently, in the next few months alone, very good incomes will be earned in fees and royalties by freelance writers and you could easily be one of them.
If you can also write to an acceptable standard in another language, then even moreopportunities are open to you. Next there are thousands of fiction and non-fiction books published each year, as well as scripts for radio, TV, video and stage plays. Thus as you can see, there really are many potential outlets for your writing.
The more you write, the better you will become
Once you have learned how to write for these markets, then you should have no difficulty in selling your work. This applies just as much to the part-timer, writing for fun and recreation, as it does to the full-time professional. This is not difficult, for writing is a skill which, like all the other artistic skills, you can learn and develop with practice.
Actually you do not need any special educational qualifications or background knowledge to become a writer. Nor does it matter where you live. Successful writers come from all walks of life and from all round the world. Housewives, teachers, civil servants, businessmen, senior citizens (for there is no age limit) and even teenagers are just a few of the people who have become published writers.
Fame and fortunes are waiting
Once you have developed your writing skills, you have exactly the same opportunities for fame and fortune as anyone else. How will you do and how far you go will depend solely on your own application and creative talent. In other words, it is entirely up to yourself. If other people have made it, then surely with a little effort, you can make it also.
One of the biggest problems all new writers face, is where and how to sell their writing. Don't let this worry you, for as I have already said, there is a huge potential market waiting for you. If your plan is to sell your writing on print media, there is America, Britain, Canada, Australia, Africa, the Pacific Rim and throughout Europe and the Middle East.
In addition to them, there are thousands online publishing sites across the Internet, who are thirsty and hungry - looking for fresh ideas from contributors from round the world like Hubpages.com, Triond, Wikinut, Helium, Bukisa, ExpertsColumn. As part of your practice, you can start writing your awesome original articles and other pieces through a blog site you owned or sharing them with other blog sites owners or directly to publishing sites.
You need enthusiasm and perseverance
In addition to your creative talent, you also need enthusiasm and perseverance. But you do not need to be either particularly gifted or very clever. There are many otherwise ordinary people, from ordinary backgrounds who, with diligence and perseverance, have had a lot of fun, enjoyment and extra money from their writing.
If you do not possess these personal qualities of enthusiasm to write and perseverance, then neither I nor anybody else can help you. But if, on the other hand, you have these personal qualities then you will find that honest endeavor will bring you its own rewards, as any successful writer will tell you.
You need creative talent and imagination
In addition to your perseverance you need also, of course, some creative talent and imagination. Many people have much more creativity in them than they realize, but they are often unaware of it. How to judge if you have some writing potential?
Here are a few pointers to help you:
  • A love word of words and literature is a good start, for these are the writers stock-in-trade.
  • A strong desire to put your thoughts and ideas on paper is a very good sign. This will give you the necessary motivation to keep on writing.
  • Another guide is to study the work of other writers. When you read a book, a story or an article and think, 'I could write as well as that', your creative imagination is starting to work. Try to improve the work you have just read and your imagination is working even more - proving you have an active one.
  • But the best test of all is to try writing yourself about anything that interests you.
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