Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Four Different People Found in The World of Money, Business and Life

The total number of living humans on the planet Earth currently estimated to be 7 billion. These numbers of 7 billion of humans are living with different lifestyles, dreams and values. And out of these numbers, there are only four different people found in the world of money, business and life.

Based from the above facts, no matter how the world population increased or decreased, the four different people in the world of money, business and life could still be prominent. They would live with the lifestyles they have chosen and would strive harder to reach out their dreams to come true in distinct ways. They are the people looking for security, independence, team work and values of financial freedom.

How to distinguish them from one another?
  • If the person is receiving his income from a job and he receives a regular paycheck from a company or business he does not own his cash flows out from the E which stands for Employee. He can be a janitor or the president of the company. He often thinks or says words like “I am looking for a safe, secure job with benefits.” Or “How much do I get for overtime? How many paid holidays do I have?” Security is a very important core value for him. 
  • If the person is a small business owner, a specialist such as a doctor or lawyer, a commission-only person such as a real estate agent and consultants then his cash flows out from S which stands for Self-employed or Small business owner. He values Independence. He wants his freedom and does what he wants. He often says, “I am going to quit my job and go out on my own.” The way a Self-employed get paid is often bycommission or by the amount of time he spends on a job. 
  • If the person owns a big business, a company or business that employs over 500 people, then his cash flows out of B which stands for Business owner. He values a great team and efficient team work and wants to serve and work with as many people as possible. He is looking for other people who are to be the best in their field to join his or her team. Like Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company – Ford surrounded himself with people smarter than he was. 
  • If the person is receiving the bulk of his money from his investments, then his cash flows out from the I which stands for Investor. He values financial freedom. He loves the idea of his money working instead of him working. He invests in many things such as in gold coins, real estate businesses or paper assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. He often says the words, “I am receiving a 30% return on my assets.” Or “Show me the company’s financial. How much deferred maintenance is on the property?”
The Employee, Self-employed, Business owner and Investor are the four different people found in the world of money, business and life. They embody The Cashflow Quadrant - a conceptual tool which Robert Kiyosaki developed to categorize the four major ways income is earned.

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