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Search Engines and The Billion Surfers are The Sources of Life of Our Online Published Articles

Search engines are there to help searchers for any terms that they are searching on the Internet. However, writers should also consider that one of the first important reasons why they are writing and publishing their works are for the billion readers and surfers around the world not for the Search Engines alone!

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 There are million of online writers nowadays. Some of them are bloggers, novelists, journalists and other types of writers from around the globe. And because everyone is writing on the same virtual world - dominated by the different types of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. - online writers would have to write quality articles with searchable keywords and tags injected on them. To help understand to what I am trying to say on this article, I will start to discuss to you about competitive keywords, non-competitive keywords, keyword phrases,keywords and tags but of course, I would ask you to join with me to flesh them out and if possible share here what you know about them too.

What are competitive keywords?

Honestly, I personally admit I am confused and not certain at all about competitive keywords. Are they not simply words that are used a lot? Or they are special words that many people have used them on their columns writing. And there are people using the expression competitivekeywords and described them as - when a word or a phrase has at least 350,000, 500,000 or it begins to approach the 1 million return mark on Google search and other search engines - they are already considered as competitive keywords. How much more if they reached billion?

I consulted them to many English dictionaries and Encyclopedias but they failed to give me a specific definition about competitive keywords. But in corpus linguistics, keywords is defined as "words that appear with statistically unusual frequency in a text or a body of texts". They are identified by software that compares a word-list of the text with a word-list based on a larger reference of complete collection of writings. They are an essential part of any language.

What are non-competitive keywords?

It is said that non-competitive keywords are also words appear in a body of text but the returnmark on search engines do not show an extra ordinary frequency compared to competitivekeywords. The reason is that - most writers are targeting keywords with high return marks on SEO. But some SEO experts have advised writers not to ignore non-competitive keywordson their writings because now search engines are also looking unique terms to crawl down as well as the billion Internet surfers.

What are keyword phrases?

This is obviously a self-explanatory though I still asked help from English dictionaries and otherEncyclopedias to define phrase. They define it as a group of words or sometimes a single word that form a constituent and so function as a single unit in the syntax of a sentence. Normally, surfers are also using keyword phrases on their searches. Below are the 10 top search phrases used by unique visitors to my pages like:
If visitors typed those phrases on their searches - they will be redirected to those articles written by writers with subject topics describing those keyword phrases. So writers need them too on their articles online writing.

What are tags?

Again this is a self-explanatory. They are simple keywords or phrases that writers used with functions to guide, describe and to identify the authorship and what they wrote. Below are sample of tags that many writers have also used and myself too namely: Business, education, Facebook, get more, google, How to, Life, online writing, paid to write, people, pruelpo, Saudi Arabia, society, ExpertsColumn, Wikinut, Wikinut Awesome, triond, Twitter, web marketing, what are, what is and writing tips.

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